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For grillers by grillers

Top Tips for Rotisserie Turkey

How to Rotisserie a Turkey with a Fan Favorite Recipe

Rotisserie turkey is always one of our most popular grilling techniques for the Thanksgiving Turkey.Read this story

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We have rounded up the top accessories to get you grilling this Thanksgiving!


Our Bloggers

Their backgrounds and experience may differ, but there's one thing each of our bloggers has in common – an undeniable passion for grilling.

Let's meet Kevin

I got started with barbecue with my dad when I was age five grilling on a Weber in our backyard.

Kevin Kolman holds the title of Weber Grill Master for good reason. His high skill level behind the grill, passion for all things barbecue, and enthus ...

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Tips & Techniques

Let's meet Mike

Charcoal or gas? Both.

WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU DO FOR WEBER? By day I'm a police sergeant. By night I'm a tender of the Weber flame and "Grillographer" of Weber Nation. Ear ...

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Grilling Inspiration

Let's meet Heather

I love a good rib eye steak done medium rare!

WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU DO FOR WEBER? I am a Senior Marketing Manager for Weber—my primary focus is to support and create content for our #AwesomeWeb ...

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Grilling Inspiration

Let's meet John

My favorite grill is my Genesis Silver B made in 2000. It’s a little beat up after 16 years, but works like a champ!

WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU DO FOR WEBER? I'm a Marketing Associate on our Online Consumer Care team. I work on answering questions from customers that c ...

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Burning Questions

Where Can I Find Replacement Parts For My Smoker?

Let's meet Jamie

When I’ve got a hot fire and well-marbled steaks, it’s bound to be a great day.

WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU DO FOR WEBER? I am Weber’s Culinary Director, which means I get to spend a lot of time -- almost every single day -- playing ...

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Grilling Inspiration

A Simple and Tasty Recipe for Cedar Plank Salmon

Let's meet Ann

Who doesn't love a summer barbecue?

WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU DO FOR WEBER?  I am the Information Content Manager. I research and author the content in the systems used by our USA, Canada ...

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Behind the Grill

Remember the Weber Red Kettles?

Let's meet Mike

My favorite Weber product is the Performer Platinum charcoal grill.

WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU DO FOR WEBER? My name is Mike Kempster. I am the Global Chief Marketing Officer, and that means I work with Weber associates ...

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Behind the Grill

Why Would Anyone Eat a Hedgehog?

Let's meet Mark

When the charcoal comes out you know it's a special day

WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT DO YOU DO FOR WEBER? Director of Channel Marketing. Responsible for the in-store experience of the Weber brand WHAT IS YOUR FAVOR ...

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Grilling Inspiration

The Best Brine and Gravy For Your Next Turkey

Let's meet Mark

I have a Genesis, Performer, Master-Touch Kettle, 22” Smoky Mountain, Q1200, and of course a Smokey Joe.

WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT DO YOU DO FOR WEBER? I have been the meat business for over 30 years. I started as an apprentice meat cutter and worked my up to ...

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Grilling Inspiration

The Butcher's Guide to Game Day Chicken Wings

Fan Favorite Year After Year After Year

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