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The 3 Most Popular Rotisserie Ideas

There are endless, amazing options to make the most out of the ever popular rotisserie accessory, here are 3 of the most popular ideas out there!  If you don't have a rotisserie for your grill, you are going to want to put it on your wishlist after browsing these ideas!

1. Rotisserie Prime Rib with Cognac Mushrooms
Special occasion or treat yourself, this is one special dish that you will love.

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2. Rotisserie Chicken
This is one idea that is tried and true, you can't go wrong!

2018 Spirit Ii Rotisserie Chicken 1

3. Rotisserie Turkey
While this might not be an everyday meal, there are plenty of big holidays throughout the year in which a turkey is quite appropriate. This recipe uses sage, orange and cloves to add lots of great flavors to the turkey.

Turkey On Kettle Rotisserie 7