How Much Food Will Fit On Your Genesis II?


Genesis II and Genesis II LX come in either a 2, 3, 4 or 6 burner model.  Whether you’re grilling a romantic steak dinner for two, mouthwatering chicken for the family, a whole bunch of bratwurst for the big game or just a burger for yourself Genesis II has a grill for you!  And hey, after a long day of work sometimes you deserve a burger!

When I grill I’m usually grilling for two.  Our 6 month old daughter would love some ribs and brisket as well but she’ll have to wait a little while!  We often like to have the in-laws and friends over to grill and entertain.  Based on our needs I went with a 3-burner model.  That is plenty big for my wife and I and it still offers the space for when we have company over.  These are grills your family can grow into and we offer a Genesis II for every stage in your life!

To help narrow down your search, the information below can be used to determine how many hungry mouths you can feed and impress with your new grill!  


Total cooking area:

494 square inches

18.78” W x 18.95” D

Total Cooking Area:

669 square inches

 25.84” W x 18.95” D


Total Cooking Area:

844 square inches

32.1” W x 18.95” D


Total Cooking Area:

998 square inches

38.76” W x 18.95” D
8 chicken pieces12 chicken pieces16 chicken pieces24 chicken pieces
10 bratwurst15 bratwurst20 bratwurst30 bratwurst
4 steaks6 steaks8 steaks12 steaks
8 burgers12 burgers16 burgers24 burgers

Now that you’ve picked the perfect grill, make sure you also check out our recipes on for future grilling inspiration! Share your great food with us on our social pages Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube! We would love to see what you’re grilling on your new Genesis II!