Where Weber Grills Are Born


I have personally been on the factory tour about a hundred times in my nearly 20 years at Weber. And yet still, I feel like I learn something each time I am in our factories.

I have watched our little factory in Palatine, Illinois go from one small area that George Stephen Sr. was sure was too much space, to opening another manufacturing plant in 1997 a few miles down the road.

George was an innovator; destined to make the perfect steak and he wouldn’t settle until the rest of the world also understood that there was a better way to grill. Born in 1952, the Weber grill is a backyard icon that summons feelings of happiness, delicious memories, and family moments that can only be had while gathering around the grill.

In our video you will see first hand how it all began and what goes into making sure you are always a backyard hero.