5 Thrifty Ways To Save On Your Next BBQ


Summer barbecue season is in full swing. Let us help you save some green and host a BBQ bash that will have your friends and family talking for years!

Break your chains-You might think that the big chain grocers would have the lowest prices on everything but it is not always the case.  A visit to your local independent or ethnic grocer could score you big savings on certain items.  My local Mexican market, for instance, has fantastic produce that is usually at least half the price of the big grocery stores.  Bonus, you might find some unique new ingredients to add to your arsenal.

Work it-Many grocers will employ a ‘loss leader’ type mentality when putting things on sale so it is certainly to your advantage to work the ads and stock up.  With a little planning you can score some good deals on the staples for your next cookout.  The big summer holidays will almost always see grilling faves make the sales, these are also the days the home improvement stores typically have the lowest prices of the year on charcoal.  I’m in for a pallet come Independence Day!

Go underground-If you live in an area with a warehouse club store, chances are you have a liquidation store too.  This might take a little looking around town, using your favorite search engine or classified site to find.  I know of several stores here in Phoenix and I’ve visited stores while travelling too-I even found one while on vacation in Honolulu.  These stores will sell customer returns, damaged boxes and such at a discount.  Great place to stock up on the non-perishables such as foil pans, paper plates, canned goods, condiments, etc.

Rally the troops-Asking your guests to bring their favorite side dishes or drinks can not only help with the costs, but also save you some precious time which is particularly useful if you’re planning a larger party.   You can even employ a theme such as bring a dish your hometown is famous for or everybody cook something from the latest Weber cookbook. :)

Give ‘em the bird-Unfortunately, beef and pork prices will not be going down in the foreseeable future.  Chicken is your most economical choice and can often be found for under $1/lb.  When cooking chicken for a crowd I always use a simple brine to ensure a juicy finished product even if the chicken is slightly over cooked.  A nice bit of leeway to have especially when you have ten chickens on the cooker at once!!