Finding The Right Drip Pan For Your Rotisserie Turkey


If you plan to rotisserie a turkey, you will want to make sure that you have a drip pan underneath it.

In order to make the drip pan fit you might need to remove the grate and put the drip pan on the flavorizer bars right underneath the turkey. If you are grilling other foods, just remove the one grate right under the turkey and put the drip pan on top of the flavorizer bars.

I prefer to use two large Weber drip pans stacked together. I do this because it makes taking them off the grill so much easier due to the stability.

If you plan to use your drippings for a gravy then be sure to add 1 liter of water, juice, beer or wine to the drip pan.

The drippings make for a very tasty smoked gravy that will not disappoint. It provides a nice touch of flavor that everyone will enjoy and make you a legendary turkey connoisseur.

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