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Beer Can Chicken Recipes

3 Fan Favorites to Try!


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Top 3 Beer Can Chicken Recipes

1. We've grilled a lot of beer can chickens over the years. Here is a tried and true classic recipe for beer can chicken. Also check out this video on grilling beer can chicken.

Classic Beer Can Chicken

Beer Can Chicken Roaster6

2. This is for sure a crowd pleaser of a recipe using a simple brine that packs a lot of flavor. 
Buttermilk Brined Beer Can Chicken

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3. If you love a little extra hickory smoke flavor, then this recipe is for you!
Smoked Beer Can Chicken

Smoked Beer Can Chicken

3 Must Have Tools

2018 Scg Poultry Roaster 1

1. The poultry roaster.
This one is a given. We have a few different options online for you to pick from

Beer Can Chicken Can Removal 1

2. The right tools.
A tong and a spatula will help you move your chicken off the grill with ease. 

Chicken Q I Grill Mini 2

3. iGrill
iGrill is your friend when grilling and especially when grilling chicken, you don't want to serve undercooked chicken! Stick the probe in your chicken and monitor the doneness on your phone via the app-connected device. This is a tool you are going to love!