The History Of The Weber Q


Many grilling enthusiasts had grown up in households where a gas grill was the only type of grill that was used.  Also, many Americans, Australians and Europeans of all ages were moving into vibrant, city neighborhoods to avoid long commutes from the suburbs. 

In addition to those trends, people were seeking the convenience of gas grills that would fit on urban balconies and could be taken to venues like sports stadiums, beaches, picnic areas and campsites.  We came upon a unique grill design and we assigned a team of engineers, product designers and marketing professionals who worked together to give consumers what they wanted. 

The first Q model was born in 2004 and the Q series of grills have become our best selling gas grills on a global basis.  People are attracted to their unique design, compact size and portability, but what has really made them our best-selling gas grills are their performance.  

Our engineering team worked for 2-years perfecting burner systems, patented cooking grates and lightweight yet durable components.  We regularly hear from Q owners who are surprised how well these grills barbecue food no matter where they take them.