Lumin Electric Grill


Add some high heat
to your big city high rise

You’ve picked a killer playlist. The drinks are flowing. And everyone’s rushing to the rooftop BBQ party of the year. Where the views are just as amazing as the food that’s grilling.

Say hello to the Lumin electric grill. It’s a stylish, multifunctional revelation that reimagines the possibilities, and flavors, of electric grilling. Its diverse capabilities, extreme high heat, and myriad of cooking functions, deliver endless culinary opportunities for rooftop and balcony get-togethers.

This electric powerhouse was engineered so that urban foodies will never have to sacrifice the amazing taste of BBQ for big city living. And neither will their parties.

Let’s take a look at some of the features that make this electric grill a culinary game-changer.  

It’s an electric grill that reaches temperatures over 600° to create classic “just off the grill” sear marks. Trust me, you want those (and so do your guests).

In addition to searing, it has cook settings for smoking, steaming, and warming.  

Keeps food warm for buffet-style serving so that everyone can help themselves to seconds. 

Thaw frozen food while the grill preheats.

Built to fit comfortably on any patio or balcony, Lumin’s compact design is available in multiple colors.  

A grill as singular as the Lumin electric grill deserves a set of accessories just as unique. So Weber has created the following lineup of customized accessories to take your Lumin experience to the next level. 

Lumin Stand: A sturdy base, that’s also collapsible, to grill wherever it’s convenient.  

Lumin Versatility Kit: Expands the grill’s already robust, smoking, steaming and warming capabilities.  

Lumin Griddle: Easily converts the grilling surface to make pancakes, fajitas, and more. 

Lumin Premium Grill Cover: Protects from the elements and keeps the grill looking great.  

The excitement surrounding Lumin is already dialed up to 11. Here are just a few of the reactions to this one-of-a-kind electric grill: 

…it essentially reproduces the full gas grilling experience — Weber says they’ve conducted testing to ensure the taste of Lumin-cooked food is on par with food prepared on their gas grills …(Lumin) is able to pull off this magic trick thanks largely to its high heat capability.  Gear Patrol 

Unlike a lot of electric grills, Weber has left the heating element exposed, so when juices drip they will help flavor your food like they would on a charcoal or gas grill. Engadget 

Weber aims to expand Lumin’s versatility by offering some model-specific accessories, most notably steam trays that can double as braising pans … And, I like this idea, with the temp dialed down low, use them to turn Lumin into a chaffing dish to serve hot foods. 

The Weber Lumin Electric Grill does do electric grilling differently from what we normally see in the category. (Lumin) can achieve temperatures of over 600 degrees Fahrenheit (315 degrees Celsius), which it reaches in around 15 minutes of pre-heating, and it’s able to stay at those high levels throughout the duration of your cooking. Even better, it’s outdoor-friendly, with (Weber) claiming you can keep cooking using electricity in the backyard even when you’ve got a drizzle going on outside. Cool Things 

Capable of reaching 600 F, it’s hot enough to get that perfect sear on your steaks every time, but offers precise temperature controls so your meat is always cooked to perfection. werd 

Make the most of your outdoor space with the Weber Lumin electric grill series. This highly versatile collection includes multifunctional grills that deliver high heat. Gadget Flow 

The all-new Weber LUMIN electric grill has been built to feature multiple functions while having an ultra-modern feel and space-efficient design. 9 to 5 Toys 

“Weber's new LUMIN electric grill features a sleek, space-efficient design, making it ideal for smaller outside areas and where other forms of grilling, such as charcoal and gas, are not permitted.”  Daily Herald 

“Ready to party? Treat your guests, and yourself, to the next evolution in electric grilling. The Lumin electric grill and the Lumin Compact electric grill can be purchased at retailers or today.”