Have Fun With It!


There are few things as funny as watching people dance. Especially when you have them dancing around in a studio with a spatula or tongs as their prop. That’s exactly what we did with our Have Fun with It! Campaign. 

People dancing around the grill might seem a bit far-fetched to some, but the idea was born out of what we were hearing from our consumers; grilling makes them happy! And what is a great expression of happiness? Dancing!

We literally laughed until we had tears streaming down our faces and our stomachs hurt. It was so hard to get on the walkie talkie and say, “Have the beautiful, white haired woman smack herself in the behind with a spatula” and then watch her reaction to the request.

I think that was the moment that sent us right over the edge with hysterical laughter. We hope that you enjoyed watching it as much as we enjoyed taping it. Grilling should always be happiness and joy. So please: just cut loose, foot loose, kick up your heels and just Have Fun with It!