Top Tips from our Head Grill MasterGrilling Inspiration: Ultimate Backyard Steak


Top Tips

  • Follow the 4 Ts (Time, Temp, Thickness, Technique).  Thickness tells you the technique (meaning direct or indirect + sear), which tells you the temperature of the grill and that determines the time on the grill.
    • Thickness: Any steak over 1.5” thick will be grilled indirect and then seared (aka reverse sear). <1.5”= direct.
    • The thicker the steak, the temperature of the grill goes down but the time on the grill increases, otherwise you will burn the outside and undercook the inside.
  • Look for really nice, dark red colored steaks with white inter-muscular marbling. You’ll be looking for good marbling which are white flecks of flavor, stay away steaks that have hard fat in the center. And always check the expiration date.
  • Grilling more than 1? Look for the same size/thickness to make grilling them all consistently easier. Or cut your own steaks so that you can cook them the same.
  • Let the steaks rest for 5 min regardless of the time on the grill. Internal steak temperatures will increase 12-17° depending on thickness and doneness temperature after coming off the grill.
  • Rule of thumb: grill steaks at 450-550° but if you want precision, the Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub will walk you through how to the perfect steaks. Even better, you can monitor the steaks on your phone with your kids to include them in process.

Bonus Recipe

Grill Master Chimichurri 
By Weber Grill Masters

This is a great sauce for dipping bread or adding to the top of steak

1 Cup of Italian parsley (3/4 head)
1/2 Cup olive oil
4-5 cloves of garlic (depending on how much you love garlic, add more)
1Tbs balsamic
Salt & Pepper to taste
Optional: for some heat add a diced jalapeño, red pepper flakes, or a little bit of cayenne

1. Simply finely chop and call it a day, keep it simple. If you want you can put it in the food processor to make more of a paste consistency.

2. Let it rest at room temperature for 3-4 hours before serving, this is a crucial step

Have fun with it and share! We'd love to see what you grill!