The Most Important Things to Know about the Rotisserie Burner on Your Summit Gas Grill


Some of our Summit series models feature an infrared (IR) rotisserie burner. It’s a great tool for creating a beautiful, crispy skin on things like chickens or turkeys or for making a nice crust on things like tenderloins.

The IR burner doesn’t work like all the other burners on the grill though, which can lead to some confusion on how exactly to light it.

The most important thing to know is that the control knob for the IR burner needs to be pressed in for about 20 seconds after igniting the burner. This helps “prime” the burner and keep it properly lit.

The IR burner features a snap igniter that’s built onto the valve that provides it with gas. When using the snap igniter you will see a flash of flames moving from left to right across the rotisserie burner surface. The rotisserie burner is not lit until the entire ceramic surface is aflame. It’s at this point that you want to start a count of twenty seconds before releasing the rotisserie burner control knob. Once it’s fully lit, the rotisserie burner surface will glow red.

If you run into problems trying to get the IR burner to light here are a few things to consider.

  • It can be hard to see the flame on the IR burner when it’s bright out. If you’re unsure if yours is lighting properly you may want to try using the grill at night, as it will be easier to check if the burner is actually lighting.
  • Is the ceramic IR burner plate dirty? If a lot of grease has built-up on it, particularly on or near the igniter electrode you may need to clean the igniter electrode.
  • If the IR burner does not seem to be lighting you can try manually lighting the burner. Please refer to the instructions that came with your model for details. You can find our online manual section by clicking here

If you continue to have problems with your IR burner please reach out to us at or 1-800-446-1071 and we’ll be happy to help! To make things easier when contacting us, please register your grill first. Click here to register your grill.