Why Should I Register My Grill?


The makers of almost every appliance that you can buy ask you to register the product with them. If you are like me, you have probably rolled your eyes at the registration information, never actually register the product, and go on your merry way.

Here at Weber, there are some really important reasons why you want to register your grill.

Let’s break them down.

#1) The registration will tell us exactly what model you own, which can make ordering parts an easy and uncomplicated process. We have made hundreds of models of grills, with similar names, but all sorts of different features and specific parts. By having your grill registered we can pull up a schematic and list of parts that are all made exactly for your model.

#2) Having your grill registered means all your warranty information will be visible to you on your Weber.com My Account, and also to us if you should need some help.

#3) Your registration stays in our system forever, so that means 10 years from now when you decide you want to order new cooking grates for your grill you can email or call us and we will be able to pull you right up and help you out very quickly.

So do yourself a favor, protect your investment, make warranty claims easier, and get your Weber grill registered today!