90 Seconds to Ribs


BBQ is typically something you plan for. It takes a little bit of work and a lot of time. Smoking a brisket is hardly a “last minute” meal. Ribs, however, can be.

More than once I’ve managed to get out of work early enough knowing the only thing between me and bed were several hours of evening sun-soaked BBQ. When it comes to last-minute BBQ, ribs are my answer. It’s hardly a 30-minute meal, but with the Summit Charcoal Grill, I know by the time I get home, that’s all the time I need to get my smoke on.

It doesn’t take long to prep a few racks of ribs. With the membrane removed and a generous coating of rub applied, the only thing left is the grill. Ribs can take 4-5 hours to smoke, which is enough time to get some yardwork knocked out. Better yet, I still have time leftover to clutch a cold beer and watch lazy plumes of smoke rise out of the grill’s vent. Did I mention how much I enjoy last-minute BBQ? It’s a middle of the week oasis and the Summit Charcoal Grill makes it possible.

Here’s my 90-second weeknight rib primer. Now to check my work schedule. I’m going to need some mid-week BBQ very soon.