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Becoming a Grill Master

​We’re very proud to announce Australia’s own Laura Romeo has recently received her accreditation as a Weber Grill Master, the pinnacle of accolades that Weber can bestow.Read this story

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The Weber Glen Blue Kettle – History remade

Since Weber first started making Kettle barbecues, there have been many iterations, and just as many unique colours to choose from over the decades. Some have stayed and become backyard favourites, some have come and gone, and some were only available for a very limited time.Read this story

Consumer Knows Top Brand: Barbecues - 2020

The barbecue, the life of the backyard. The entertainer, family feeder and crowd pleaser. At Weber, barbecues are in our DNA and whether it’s rain, hail or shine, you can be guaranteed we’re testing, cooking and recipe developing! It’s safe to say we love to barbecue and think a Weber barbecue is the best you can get – guaranteed to bring life, flavour and people together in your outdoor space! But why take it from us?Read this story

Tidy Up Your barbecue Space

What better way when you have a little extra time on your hands, than to spend it on making your barbecue area look the piece? Well, here’s our sure-fire tips and tricks that can quickly turn your outdoor flavour station into a feature of your backyard!Read this story

Entertaining Recipe collection

Socially distanced dinners and gatherings are a new reality of today’s world. As restrictions are easing, we are excited that you can now open your homes to your loved ones. It's time to celebrate by hosting the family dinners or have the mates over for a backyard barbie. Read this story

Store cooked barbecue food safely!

We would argue barbecue food is one of the best on earth, and let’s be real, it’s pretty amazing the next day too! To make sure it’s just as good the very next day, or a couple of days later, it’s important to ensure it’s packaged away and stored correctly.Read this story

3, 2, 1…
It’s Flavour Bomb Fun!

How can you turn the boring into the exciting? That’s where our new Cookbook, Weber’s Ultimate Barbecue can help. Introducing FLAVOUR BOMBS!Read this story

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