Quick Travel Food Tips


When you’re on a camping or caravanning adventure, you want to make things easy for yourself – be it space saving, easy clean up, fewer dishes or just some practical tips. Check out Weber Grill Master, Laura’s top 5 tips for when you want to Get Away and Weber!


It might not be top-of-mind, but couscous is a perfect ingredient when you’re camping or caravanning. Readily available and compact, it cooks in minutes simply by covering with boiling water and allowing to sit covered.
It can be used as a replacement for rice or other grains, and it’s a perfect base for adding flavour to. It’s also great for using up left over roasted or grilled meats and vegetables – chop them up, mix through the couscous, and then dress lightly with olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. A delicious, healthy, and quick meal that’s sure to fill hungry tummies!

Cryovac your meat

Cryovac, vacuum pack, vacuum seal – all terms for the process of packaging and heat-sealing food in specialised plastic bags after removing all the air. This process removes bulk, eliminates the risk of leaking meat juices, and can also help extend the fridge life of your meat.

You can ask your butcher to cryovac your meat into packages of your nominated weight, or if you’re a frequent adventurer, consider purchasing a domestic vacuum packing solution. If you’re super organised, you can dice or slice your meat and save yourself washing a knife and chopping board while you’re on the road!

Beach barbecues - check the tides

Is there anything better than enjoying a barbecue on the beach – particularly if you’ve just hooked or jagged your meal? To avoid mid-meal mayhem – or worse – make sure to check the tides before you drive onto the beach, set up camp, or walk down your barbecue, esky and chairs onto the sand

4 kg LPG bottles

Did you know that a full standard 9 kg gas bottle weighs over 16 kg? Save yourself the backache and invest in compact 4 kg bottle, which is much smaller for storage and much lighter for transporting. It will still give you a good amount of cooking hours on your barbecue, and can be refilled or exchanged at standard distributors.

Pre-packaged recipes

Who said it was only cakes or sweets that came in a packet mix? When you’re on an adventure, you can pre-package all types of ingredients together to save space and make life easy. You can mix dry ingredients for cakes, biscuits, scones or desserts in Ziploc bags, and write the remaining ingredients and method onto the bag itself. Spice mixes for curries, koftas, meatballs or Shakshuka (Middle Eastern baked eggs) are also perfect to pre-blend and store in small containers or bags. There’s no need for “boring” when you’re enjoying the outdoors.