The Story of a Legend:
The Weber Q


The Weber Q range has become an iconic presence in the world of barbecues, and its journey through the years is a testament to innovation and adaptability. Introduced in Australia two decades ago and later in New Zealand, it has left an indelible mark on outdoor cooking. With 2.5 million units sold in Australia and New Zealand since its inception, the Weber Q has become a staple in countless households and gatherings. 

early 2000's

The story of the Weber Q begins in the early 2000s when Weber, already a renowned name in the world of barbecuing, recognised the evolving trends in outdoor cooking. Consumers were seeking barbecues that could fit into smaller outdoor spaces like balconies and courtyards, and they desired greater convenience and portability for activities such as picnicking, camping, and caravanning. 


To meet these changing demands, the Weber research and development team embarked on a mission to create a compact gas barbecue without compromising on cooking quality. Two years of dedicated work led to the birth of the first Weber Q model in 2003. Its revolutionary design immediately captured the imagination of consumers, even though it was quite different from anything else on the market. The Weber Q introduced the concept of "lid down cooking," a departure from the flat-top barbecues and continuous sausage turning that were more familiar to Australians. 


Ross McDonald, the Australian representative for Weber barbecues, saw the potential of the Weber Q range and worked tirelessly to showcase its versatility and cooking capabilities. In 2004, the Baby Q was introduced, offering a more compact and lightweight option that was a game-changer in the portable barbecue category. A strategic advertising campaign in 2004, spanning radio, TV, and print media, brought the Weber Q into the public eye, and soon, it could be found in backyards, on balconies, and in caravan parks across the nation. 


The Family Q made its debut in 2006, catering to larger households and those who loved to entertain. Over the years, from 2007 to 2022, the Weber Q range continued to evolve with product improvements, added features, a wide range of unique accessories, and a variety of aesthetic colour options. Its loyal following continued to grow, and by 2023, an astonishing one in four new barbecues sold in Australia was a Weber Q—truly a testament to its popularity.


In 2023, exactly 20 years after the release of the original Weber Q, the latest evolution of this iconic range has been unveiled. As the legacy of the Weber Q continues to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of outdoor cooks, it remains a symbol of innovation and quality in the world of barbecues. The future promises new horizons and delicious adventures for those who embrace this beloved barbecue.