Every barbecue, every accessory, and an atmosphere like no other. Weber Store is the ultimate barbecue experience.

Why Weber Store?


Ignite all of your senses as you see, feel, hear, taste and smell, not just the barbecues, but the aromas, sounds and incredible flavours that they deliver.

At Weber Store, we deliver more than just the best barbecue line-up in the country. The knowledgeable staff are there to ensure your very first Weber cooking experience is as successful as every cook that’s sure to follow. What better way to achieve this than by taking control yourself and delving into a Weber flavour experience. Every Weber Store comes equipped with a purpose built test kitchen, so pick up the tongs yourself, and master the art of using Australia’s most trusted barbecues right then and there. Learn how to get the most out of your Weber, connect with the knowledgeable staff, and most importantly have fun doing so.

Did we mention that at Weber Store you can see everything? Including the legendary Weber Qs, every Weber Kettle, all Premium Gas barbecues, the brand new Pulse electric barbecues, specialist smokers as well as every Weber accessory for every range, including fuel, smoking woods and thermometers.

At Weber, there’s something for everyone. Find your perfect fit in the place which gives you all the options. Weber Stores are the place where you experience more than just a passion for barbecues and expert know how. Connect, learn and most importantly have fun while perusing Australia’s favourite barbecues.

Weber Store. Your barbecue’s at our place.