Choosing the perfect Weber Q barbecue for you:A comprehensive guide


The release of the new Weber Q barbecue range has sparked Qriosity among customers, both those venturing into the world of Weber Q for the first time and those contemplating an upgrade from their existing models.    

With three distinct series and nine models to consider (excluding variations in colour and gas type), selecting the ideal Weber Q can seem daunting.  

Fear not; we're here to help you navigate this grillers' paradise. Let's explore your options: 

Baby Q Series

The Weber Baby Q, true to its name, is the smallest member of the family. Its compact and lightweight design makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a portable gas barbecue. It's also perfect for smaller households, eliminating the need for firing up a larger barbecue when cooking for up to four people. 

Weber Q Series

Described as a compact gas barbecue, the Weber Q is a versatile choice for the average household. It comfortably accommodates everyday meals and can even host a couple of extra guests when needed. Additionally, it's compact enough to take to the park or the beach on weekends. You'll also find two accessory cart options for the Weber Q: a portable cart, which conveniently folds for easy manoeuvring, and a premium cart for a more permanent setup. 

Family Q Series

The Weber Family Q takes the crown as the largest barbecue in the range. It comes with a fixed cart and a gas bottle storage cabinet, transforming it into a more permanent backyard feature. With a generously sized cooking area, it's perfect for larger households or those who frequently entertain guests. 

Built-in Weber Q - coming soon!

The Built-in Q offers the same beloved features as the Family Q but integrates seamlessly into your existing outdoor space or Weber outdoor kitchen. Complete with a stainless-steel surround and a conveniently accessible front-facing grease tray, it's the ultimate addition to your alfresco area. 

Premium or Standard?

Within each series, you'll find premium models that offer enhanced features: 

  • Electronic ignition instead of piezo ignition 
  • Lid thermometer (with the same lid height) 
  • Additional colour options 
  • In the Baby Q series, the Premium model includes added side tables 

Please note that premium models are exclusively available for purchase through Weber Stores, Weber Specialist Dealers, and at 

What are the + Models?

In the Weber Q series, the + models distinguish themselves with an extra + burner, as opposed to a single burner. This additional burner opens up new cooking possibilities, including high searing and low and slow cooking, which are not available on the single burner models.  

It's important to note that there are no + models in the Baby Q series, and all barbecues in the Family Q Series are + models. 

In conclusion, choosing the right Weber Q barbecue boils down to your specific needs, preferences, and the features that matter most to you. Whether you opt for the compact Baby Q, the versatile Weber Q, or the expansive Family Q, there's a Weber Q model designed to enhance your barbecuing experience. And if you're seeking premium features, make sure to explore the premium models within each series for an even more refined barbecue experience. Enjoy your Weber Q adventure!