Determine the age of
your Weber kettle!


The barbecue that started it all, and frankly, the most iconic barbecue on the planet, is the Original™ Weber Kettle.

Born from a buoy back in 1952, the kettle has evolved over the years but always stayed true to its roots, to provide the most incredible cooking and flavour experience.

In Australia, there are hundreds of thousands of Weber kettles. Some new, some old, some which have been collected to simply be displayed or kept safe! Weber kettles are used for such a variety of purposes we couldn’t possibly list them all, but no matter how you use your kettle, the fact you have one makes you a part of the Weber family. In 1986 over 80,000 Weber Kettles were sold in Australia alone.

Some kettles however were not bought by their owners! They may be passed on from older generations, or bought as gifts so that others can share incredible flavour experiences with friends and family. Our question to you is, do you know how old your kettle actually is?

Every kettle barbecue since 1979 we’ve produced comes stamped with a unique identifier. In more recent times, since 2013, it’s a leading two letter designation followed by a series of numbers (your unique serial number).

Kettle Serial Number

Your code can be found on the lid damper on your Weber Kettle, see the image below for an example. Once you’ve found what letter/s your code starts with, reference it to the above table. There you have it, you have now identified how old your Weber kettle is!

There are many kettles older than 1979, however as these weren’t stamped, it’s a little more complicated to identify. If you think yours is older and you’re curious as to just how old, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help you identify when your kettle was made.