The Rebirth of a Legend: The All-New Weber Q Range


Over two decades ago, a legend was born, brought to life by an iconic brand that is synonymous with quality and innovation - Weber.  

The Weber Q, with its revolutionary design and exceptional performance, disrupted the compact gas barbecue market.

As the Weber Q gained popularity, Weber continued to innovate and expand the range to cater to various needs. The introduction of the Baby Q brought portability to a new level. This smaller, lighter model became a favourite among campers, adventurers, and those who loved to barbecue on the go. 

For larger gatherings and family feasts, the Family Q was introduced. This model boasted a larger cooking area, accommodating more food, and making it easier to cook for a crowd. 

In 2023, we are witnessing the rebirth of this national icon with the introduction of the all-new Weber Q range. Building on the success and legacy of the original Weber Q range, this latest iteration takes outdoor cooking to a whole new level. 

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