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Only the best tools will do for the BBQ hero. They're the starting point to every juicy burger and perfectly-seared steak.

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Tools and Cookware

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Cooking Accessories for outdoor cooking and a tasty barbecue

You can look forward to producing the most mouth-watering food with the help of Weber’s barbecue accessories. As one of the world's leading providers of a unique range of products and enthusiasm for all things 'Weber', we present our ‘must-have’ cooking accessories for the creation of delicious dishes bound to impress family and friends.

The right tools for your barbecue

Bringing you a wealth of experience and knowledge as Weber, we know that having the right cooking accessories is vital to achieve gourmet barbecue results. Most of our Weber grill accessories are also Weber portable bbq accessories.

Not sure where to start? Our premium barbecue tools will help you to smoke brisket, griddle chops and sear steak like a pro.

Find the right wood chips

Founded in 1952, we continue to develop innovations across the world of barbecuing. Fuel needn’t be an afterthought when we bring you smoking wood chips and planks designed to enhance your food’s juicy flavours.

Besides apple wood and whiskey wood infused chips, we also stock specialty wood chips for smoking poultry, pork, beef and seafood cuts. These Weber charcoal bbq accessories are geared to help you dish up the very best tasting food.

Planks for preparing and serving

Click on the previous Weber store link and you’ll discover stylish Western red cedar wood planks. The ultimate in al fresco presentation, these serving boards will enhance everyone’s experience of outdoors dining.

Racks and roasters to make the most of your grate

When it comes to Weber grill accessories,roasting racks and trays are a barbecue chef’s best friend. Our roasting racks will help you achieve tender meat that falls off the bone. The Weber Deluxe Barbecue Rack also holds several racks of ribs, meaning you’ll have more available space on your cooking grates.

Roasters, such as the Weber Deluxe Poultry Roaster, are another barbecuing trade secret. Their clever design enables juice, spices, beer and wine flavours to infuse within tender chicken. Both types of cooking accessories elevate the meat above your grate; perfect for producing succulent roasts when grilling over longer periods of time.

Whatever you want to grill, we have the right accessories

Wow your guests with unexpected delights when you choose Weber gas BBQ cooking accessories in the UK.

Accessories for your home-cooked pizza on your Weber barbecue

Mamma mia! You can now create professional pizzas from the comfort of your garden. Simply pair your WEBER CRAFTED compatible barbecue, frame, and cooking grates with our Weber Gourmet BBQ System accessories.

Decorate your base with colourful toppings and place it on the WEBER CRAFTED Glazed Pizza Stone for even heat distribution and an ever-so-crispy pizza crust. The following cooking accessories will help you create ristorante-worthy pizzas:

  • Weber pizza paddle
  • Weber pizza plate
  • Weber pizza cutter

Weber’s Grilling Stone is suitable for all Weber charcoal and gas barbecues, while the Premium Grilling Stone is the perfect cooking accessory for the cooking of tasty pizzas on larger barbecues, including Weber’s kettle barbecues.

The right accessories for slow cooking on your Weber barbecue

Having the right Weber cooking kit will make all the difference when it comes to slow cooking, with time being your secret ingredient.

These cooking accessories can help you ‘up’ your barbecuing game:

  • Rotisserie
  • Silicone barbecuing gloves
  • Barbecue Skewers Set
  • Barbecue Basting Brush
  • Ceramic Casserole Dish.

Cooking utensils for making a Sunday roast on a Weber barbecue

The weekend simply won’t be complete without a Sunday roast. Our charcoal barbecues help you create tender roast beef that’ll have your family and friends queuing for more.

Simply adopt the indirect grilling method for steady heat circulation, aided by these Weber cooking utensils, when your meat is ready to be served:

  • Precision Barbecue Spatula
  • Precision Barbecue Tongs & Spatula Set.

The Weber Master-Touch BBQ and accessories will help you to achieve appetising roasts first-time.

The perfect accessories for cooking a brisket on your Weber barbecue

Never waste another beef brisket with Weber’s premium cooking accessories. From the Deluxe File Knife, perfect for trimming fat, to the Wood Chip Blend for Beef, these cooking accessories will help you achieve the most tempting meal. Why not place water-soaked wood chips in the Universal Smoker Box for a richer flavour?

We recommend cooking this prime cut for 6 to 8 hours for optimum results. Explore our recipes for step-by-step instructions.

Weber cooking accessories – frequently asked questions

It’s easy to impress your guests when you have the kinds of know-how offered by Weber. Discover the answers to all your burning questions.

What are the must-have cooking accessories from Weber?

Expect to discover your favourite Weber cooking accessories whichever model you choose. Must-have items include:

  • Any of our griddles
  • Precision 3-Piece Barbecue Set
  • Rotisserie Skewer Set
  • Silicone Barbecuing Gloves
  • Poultry roasters.

Are Weber accessories dishwasher safe?

Delicious dishes have one down-side … you must wash everything up.

Thankfully, most of our cooking accessories are dishwasher safe, including our official Weber cooking utensils. Hand wash your Weber grill accessories with warm water and a non-citrus washing-up liquid, to prevent grease clogging your machine.

Just remember to check individual product descriptions as Weber cooking grates, flavorizer bars and some of our other products should never be cleaned in a dishwasher.

How to clean my Weber barbecue and cooking accessories?

When in doubt, hand wash your cooking accessories. Scrape pizza stones before rinsing (with non-soapy water) to prevent soap residue tainting your next Italian-inspired creation. Extend the life of your barbecue with our BBQ cleaning products and tools.

Find essential cooking accessories for your Weber barbecue

Bringing you a wealth of experience and knowledge as Weber, we make it super-simple to rustle up flavoursome meals for your guests with our superior cooking accessories. Book your place on our Grill Academy courses to become the barbecuing legend you were born to be.