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Built for SmokeFire EX4/EX6 wood fired pellet grills, Summit 400/600 series, Summit Gold...
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Built for Q barbecues, Pulse, Lumin, Weber Traveler, and Spirit, Spirit II, Genesis®,...
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All you need to have your Weber barbecue looking as good as new

Having perfected the art of barbecuing since 1952, Weber’s superior know-how has been put to full use in the creation of high-quality cleaning products. From t-shape cooking grate brushes to microfibre cloths, we offer a complete range of cleaning essentials for BBQ maintenance.

Weber BBQ cleaning kits

Whether you have a stainless steel gas barbecue or a charcoal barbecue, you can maintain the highest standards of cleanliness with grill cleaning kits and tools from Weber. Each specially made Weber BBQ cleaning kit comes complete with brushes, cleaning products, sponge, cloth and non-stick spray - all that’s required to keep your Weber barbecue shining and performing at its best.

Brushes and sponges

Weber barbecue brushes are ideally suited to the removal of grease and debris from the grates. Available in a range of lengths, these brushes can be used for the cleaning of hard-to-reach areas. With their coarse and fine surfaces, the Weber sponges also come recommended.

Care for your barbecue with the Grate Cleaner

When it comes to the cleaning of grates and interior cook box components Weber’s fine-mist grate cleaner is your best friend. Simply apply the spray and leave to sit for 30 seconds before wiping away any grease and food residue.

Keep your BBQ clean all year long

Come sunshine, rain or snow, you’ll want to keep your Weber barbecue in pristine condition. You can do just that with the exclusive range of Weber cleaning products.

Protect your BBQ with covers

You can ensure year-round protection with the selection of barbecue covers offered by Weber. Designed for the range of charcoal, electric, and gas barbecues, these easy slip-on covers effectively guard against exposure to the elements.

Make your life easier by using drip pans

You can keep the delicious juices of your barbecued meats from going to waste by positioning one of Weber’s specially designed drip pans under the grill. These pans will also prevent your much-loved barbecue from being coated in grease.

Weber barbecue cleaning products – frequently asked questions

Focused on achieving the highest standards of barbecue cleanliness, we present our answers to your most asked questions.

How do I clean my Weber barbecue?

BBQ care couldn’t be any easier, thanks to the wide range of affordable and effective cleaning accessories available from Weber. You can save yourself a good deal of time and effort by turning your barbecue up to a high heat before cooking for the removal of food remnants.

Charcoal barbecues and electric barbecues should be left to cool before cleaning. You may then apply the Weber Q and Grate Cleaner, leaving it to sit for 30 seconds. A brush can be used to clear the grate of any food debris, before wiping the barbecue clean with a wet sponge.

  1. You’ll need to disconnect the gas tank before cleaning the inside of your Weber gas barbecue.
  2. Brushes and sponges may then be used for the cleaning of the grates, cook box and flavorizer bars. Care must be taken to avoid splashing the burner tubes, with the barbecue being left to dry before reassembly.
  3. You should have a microfibre cloth to hand for cleaning the exterior of your Weber gas model.

Do I need to clean my BBQ after every use?

There’s no need to clean your Weber BBQ straight away after cooking. The remaining fats will act as a lubricant, preventing your barbecue grate and other components from rusting. However, it’s best to give your barbecue a quick rinse and scrub before the arrival of any guests. We’ve included everything that’s needed in the BBQ cleaning kit.

How to clean a BBQ grill grate?

As mentioned, you should give your BBQ grill an intense blast of heat, before closing the lid and leaving to cool. You’ll then be able to sweep away the debris with a stainless-steel brush. This will mean that the grate is sterilised and ready for your next barbecuing session.

Most Weber barbecues feature the one-touch cleaning system, allowing for the hassle-free removal of ash, food particles and charcoal left from previous cooking. You’re advised to use this system after grilling, taking care over the removal of the catch pan.

How to clean BBQ racks best?

You’re advised to use the Weber accessories for the best results in the cleaning of your BBQ racks. Just remember not to use the dishwasher for the cleaning of any barbecue components due to the risk of damage caused by the detergents.

How to clean my BBQ stainless steel accessories?

Several Weber barbecues feature stainless-steel accessories, which require special attention when cleaning. Although such accessories are quite durable, there’s still a risk of rusting after exposure to acid rain, chemicals, and salt water. Weber’s stainless-steel cleaner should be applied with a microfibre cloth, taking care to wipe against the grain for the best results.

Find the best BBQ cleaning products from Weber

Whether you want to wash a Master-touch charcoal or Pulse electric barbecue, you can buy the best BBQ cleaning kit from Weber. With offices in over 40 countries across all continents and deliveries being made in 7-9 days, we’ll have your grill sparkling clean in next to no time. And remember that you can always sign up to one of the Grill Academy courses for expert guidance on how to clean a BBQ grill.