Portable gas barbecues

Portable gas barbecues

Savour the journey with homemade quality food, no matter where the adventure takes you.

Portable Gas Barbecues

Portable Gas Barbecues

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Portable Gas Barbecues

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Portable Gas Barbecues

Take your bbqs on the road with a high-performance portable gas bbq from Weber and enjoy the taste of delicious grilled food on the go. Small enough to travel with you, yet big enough to cook your favourite meals, our small portable gas bbqs are perfect for those hazy summer afternoons lazing on the beach or just relaxing in the garden.

Take your barbecue to your garden and the whole world

We launched our pioneering portable Smokey Joe charcoal bbq way back in 1955 and sold our first gas barbecue in 1971. Our wealth of experience flows through every detail of our portable gas grills, from the exceptional quality and ease of use, to the rich flavours and delicious grilled food that characterises a Weber. Our portable gas bbqs also share a wide range of handy barbecue accessories, making them easy to tailor for any occasion, whether you are camping, caravanning or simply relaxing at home in the garden.

Portable gas BBQs for your culinary outdoors adventures

After a day of adventures, relax and savour the rich aromas of a juicy seared steak or sizzling sausages, grilled on our camping gas Go-Anywhere bbq or Traveler model. Our versatile portable gas grills offer all the benefits of gas, including

  • convenience,
  • easy lighting,
  • fast and even heating and
  • a powerful flame for searing, roasting and grilling all types of food.

Grilling on your balcony, garden, outdoor kitchen & on camping trips made easy

There is nothing better than returning to a campsite or caravan after a long day and grilling some homemade burgers on a Weber camping gas barbecue. With their lightweight, carrying handles, lockable lids and folding stands suitable for ground or tabletop use, cooking has never been easier. Whether you’re at the park or at home in the garden with family and friends, a Weber is the best portable gas bbq you can own.

Is a portable gas barbecue the right fit for you?

With Weber’s superb range of portable charcoal barbecues such as the Smokey Joe or the updated Traveler and Q Series of portable gas grill, and not forgetting the small Go-Anywhere available in either fuel, you are spoiled for choice. If you love to to travel and be flexible where to have your next bbq session, then a portable or mini gas bbq is a good choice for you - providing additional convenience with quick and easy lighting and no spent coals to deposit.

Portable gas BBQs vs. portable charcoal BBQs

All of Weber’s bbqs share the same premium materials, high performance and superb grilling results. So, the question is, do you prefer the rich smoky taste, glowing embers and high searing heat of charcoal? Or, do you enjoy the cleaner taste, control and convenience of a portable gas barbecue with flames dancing at your fingertips? Whichever you pick, both will serve you very well.

Portable vs. regular gas BBQs

Whether you need a regular grill, or a smaller portable gas bbq depends on where and who you’re catering for. One of our Spirit series gas barbecues can easily cook for four to six people and our larger models can provide a whole grilled feast for a large garden party. If your goal is to travel, then a portable or mini gas bbq is the clear choice. Remember, a smaller bbq can always help with catering for larger events by slow-roasting pulled pork or chicken wings as a tasty side dish.

Find the right portable gas BBQs from Weber for you

If you are looking for a larger three burner model or a light bbq for camping - our useful guide can help you choose the right bbq for your needs.

The Traveler Series

Launched in 2021, the Weber Traveler is a brand new portable gas bbq and stand with wheels that folds flat for easy transportation and offers excellent grilling results with the high performance stainless steel burner. The generous cooking surface, tough steel body, automatic lid lock and side table complete this superb bbq.

The Q Series

With the durable cast aluminium lid and body, Weber’s robust, lightweight and versatile Q Series will serve you well for many years. The handy

  • in-built carry handles,
  • foldaway side tables,
  • integrated thermometer and
  • cast iron grate

make roasting, searing and grilling a breeze. Get the Q1000 if you like camping or picnics. The Q3000 is a great choice for a bbq session at home if you want to serve more guests. The Q2000 is the right candidate for everything in between.

The Go-Anywhere Series

With our small gas and charcoal model, the Go-Anywhere, you can enjoy cooking in the wild, just like our ancestors. This space-saving model is packed with features including vent-control for heat and moisture balance, smart folding legs that also lock the lid in place when not in use and a high-quality porcelain-enamelled body.

Weber portable gas BBQs – Frequently asked questions

Wondering how many burners there are or how you light and clean a portable gas bbq? Our FAQ can help.

How do you light a portable gas BBQ?

  • First, raise the lid of your gas grill, then turn on the gas at the gas canister.
  • Next, turn on one of the gas burners on the grill.
  • Then, press the auto light or ignition button if your grill has one, otherwise use a lighter.

If you smell gas when lighting or grilling, turn off the bbq, disconnect the gas and consult your manual.

How do you clean your portable gas BBQ for long lasting usage?

These tips will help preserve your portable gas bbq for years to come:

  • Allow the grill to cool and disconnect the gas.
  • Wipe down with a gentle cloth with a suitable metal, plastic or porcelain cleaning spray.
  • Never immerse the grill in water.
  • Brush the iron grate clean and rinse with water.
  • Wipe down the cookbox, avoid splashing water on the burner parts and allow the bbq to dry completely before storing.

If you want to have a little helper to clean your barbecue, make sure to check out our cleaning kits that help you remove any trace of grease to start your next bbq session right off.

How many burners should a portable gas barbecue have?

Most of our portable bbqs have one powerful burner, except the Q Series Q3200 which has two. Only use the correct propane, butane or natural gas fuel and canister sizes/adapter specified by your user manual.

Great taste anywhere – Buy a portable gas BBQ from Weber now!

The open road calls, and our Traveler, Q Series or Go-Anywhere will help grill delicious meals, on the go. Order today and we will deliver within 7-9 days within the United Kingdom, except British Overseas Territories, Gibraltar, and British Forces Post Offices. Free return for recalls and voluntary returns.