Portable Charcoal Barbecues

Portable Charcoal Barbecues

Never leave home without your charcoal. Load up the car and hit the road with a Weber portable charcoal barbecue to throw a BBQ, host a tailgate, or barbecue lunch wherever the day takes you.

Portable Charcoal Barbecues

Portable Charcoal Barbecues

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Portable Charcoal Barbecues

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Hit the road with a Weber portable charcoal barbecue

Spontaneity is the spice of life, and with a Weber portable charcoal BBQ by your side, you can grill, bake, sizzle, or sear your favourite foods, wherever you are.

Seize the opportunity for adventure and become a BBQ Hero or all-round host with the most, with a dependable portable charcoal BBQ from Weber.

Effortlessly grill steaks, burgers, seafood, and all your favourite vegetables to perfection, whilst enjoying that distinctive charcoal BBQ flavour, out in the wilds.

Perfect for use with friends, family, or as a solo adventurer. A Weber portable charcoal BBQ is the essential ingredient that makes any outdoor trip, a culinary hit.

Light weight and compact size

Super portable, robust, easy to set up, and built to last.

Weber portable barbecues are lightweight and designed to be conveniently stored away in any car boot, caravan, or trailer.

  • Built from heavy gauge steel, reinforced glass, and porcelain enamelling
  • Small portable charcoal BBQ weighs from just 4.27 kg
  • Large portable charcoal BBQ weighs just 6.78 kg
  • Rectangle or round designs for extra storage convenience
  • 2 – 10-year warranty on parts
  • Free returns

Best taste on the go

You demand the best portable BBQ charcoal grill money can buy. Our Smokey Joe® Series and Go-Anywhere Series are tough, rugged and designed to give you the taste you’ve come to expect from Weber.

Make life even easier… remember to take those essential cooking accessories, including our rugged firm-grip carry bags for effortless transportation. Plus, the tongs, burger flippers and barbecue spatulas you need to cook to perfection.

Ideal for your outdoor adventure

We’ve been innovating barbecue technology since 1952, with offices in 40 countries, spanning all continents.

Our range of portable charcoal barbecues have been built with passion and dedication. So whatever challenges you meet on your next outdoor adventure, one thing’s for sure: you can rely on a Weber charcoal BBQ to deliver amazing results, every time.

The Charcoal BBQ for your next camping trip

A portable charcoal BBQ from Weber will never hinder your adventures.

Whether you take a leisurely pace on a camping trip, or you like to go all out and thrill your senses with a spot of kayaking, we have you covered in any eventuality.

Barbecue during your hiking trip

Get your hike on with a small portable charcoal BBQ that’s light enough to tackle any terrain.

After a hard day’s trekking, you need a substantial meal to help you refuel – a sandwich just won’t do. You’ll be able to set up the barbecue with ease, and those coals will be red hot and ready to grill in no time.

Host a garden party for your family and friends

If you want a barbecue that’s portable enough to take on trips, but substantial enough to use in your garden, consider it sorted. Your friends and family will be in for a real treat when you use a large portable charcoal BBQ or charcoal portable round BBQ to delight their taste buds.

And once the party’s over, storing it away will be hassle-free.

WEBER portable charcoal BBQ – frequently asked questions

Our wealth of knowledge, experience and passion for grilling has enabled us to create some of the world’s best-loved barbecues. Let us share our expert knowledge with you and answer all your questions.

How to use a portable charcoal BBQ from Weber?

  1. Find a flat surface that’s free from dead foliage and debris
  2. Unfold the legs and make sure the barbecue feels secure and sturdy
  3. Empty the charcoal or briquettes into the barbecue just below the cooking grate
  4. Light the coals and wait until the flames have turned into red hot glowing coals
  5. You’re now ready to get grilling

How can I clean the portable charcoal barbecues?

Most of the time, a light brushing down and a wipe with soapy water is enough to keep things in good shape. But from time to time you’ll need to give your BBQ a thorough clean. We have an entire range of cleaning kits to help keep things in tiptop shape, and keep you grilling for many years to come.

How can I cool down a portable charcoal BBQ quickly?

  • Pour water very slowly over the coals, being sure to stir them at the same time
  • NEVER add water quickly to coals, as this will create lots of steam which could scald you
  • Place the lid back and close any ventilation holes so that no oxygen can get in
  • Ensure that the outside body of the BBQ is cool to the touch

Which charcoal briquettes can I use for my portable charcoal BBQ?

We have various sizes of portable camping BBQ charcoal for your next trip, ranging from 4 kg – 10 kg. Just browse our charcoal briquettes and accessories page and we’ll send exactly what you need, straight to your door.


What recipes are recommended for outdoor barbecuing?

You just love to socialise and keep people happy, and no doubt your friends’ tastes are as eclectic as their personalities. There’s not much that can’t be cooked on a BBQ, but here are a few ideas:

  • Mushroom, pepper, tomato and courgette skewers
  • Lime and chilli glazed chicken
  • King prawns, scallops and crab
  • Steaks rubbed with garlic and soy sauce

Find your Weber portable charcoal barbecue

We’ve created a portable charcoal BBQ for every outdoor pursuit. Sit back, have a browse, and don’t forget to check out the accessories, too.

Deliveries and Returns

We want you to enjoy our products with complete peace of mind. That’s why our portable charcoal barbecues come with a parts guarantee ranging from 2 – 10 years.

  • Delivery will take 7 – 9 days within the United Kingdom
  • Free returns for recalls and voluntary returns

A Weber charcoal portable BBQ is exactly what you need to make people happy and retain your BBQ Hero status. Get out there and get grilling. Browse our range today.