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Wood pellet smokers by Weber

With Weber’s range of versatile pellet smokers and bbqs, you can easily deliver delicious grilled vegetables and meat, served piping hot from our innovative new design. With a wood pellet smoker, your friends and family can savour the sound of sizzling food, and enjoy the smoky aromas, as you prepare sensational seafood, poultry or side dishes. Here, you can find out more about Weber’s superb range of wood pellet bbqs.


Pellet barbecue: what you need to know

Wood pellet grills are a fantastic choice for any keen barbecuing enthusiast, combining the ease and precise control of an electric grill with the rich smoky flavours of charcoal bbqs, in a single package. Whether you are a beginner pellet smoker or an experienced barbecuer, the pellet grill offers all the bbq tools you need to roast, grill and sear any food. Weber’s SmokeFire pellet grill also allows the pellet bbq to smoke at low temperatures and sear at high heat – a mouth-watering grilling experience.


Authentic southern BBQs with your pellet barbecue

Capture the spirit of an authentic southern US bbq with our capable pellet grill and enjoy the tasty food you can create with it. From Bourbon bbq glazed pork chops, to beer and honey grilled chicken, or even “Classic" Baby-Back ribs, the smoky wood flavours and sweet taste of the south is ideally suited to our wood pellet bbq. The precise control and wide heat range of a Weber wood pellet smoker has all you need.


How to get the smoky flavour just right

To take full advantage of the smoky wood flavours of a Weber’ pellet bbq, pre-heat fully, keep the lid closed whilst cooking and resist peeking. You can rely on our bbq smoking accessories and integrated Weber Connect smart grilling to monitor the grilling process without lifting the lid and squandering that perfect balance of moisture, heat and smoke that is the key to a successful wood-fired grill. 


Choosing the right wood pellets for smoking

Maybe you prefer the all-round smoky taste of Weber’s hardwood blended pellet, or perhaps you would like to experiment more with a particular wood via a wood smoker tube? Our Alder hardwood pellets are a blend of 40% alder and 60% beech, producing a smoke particularly suitable for fish. Or you could try our apple pellets made from a blend of 40% apple and 60% maple, offering a slightly sweet, fruity smoke flavour suitable for chicken dishes. Set your inner gourmet free, and try a variety of our wood pellets to add the finishing touch to your pellet smoker.

Buy your wood pellet BBQ by Weber now

Weber has been designing bbqs, accessories and fuels since 1952. We understand what makes grilling a success all over the globe. Order today and experience how our products help you to easily create restaurant-quality dishes in the comfort of your own backyard, elevating your home cooking to new heights.


Weber wood pellet grills - frequently asked questions

One of the great strengths of our wood pellet grill is that they rich aromas of wood-fired smoke thanks to our variety of different wood pellets. Electric bbqs are convenient, easy to use and offer great controls for cooking a wide range of meals, but they rely on marinades, seasoning and dry rubs to capture that smoky taste of a wood or charcoal pellet bbq. 

This depends on the flavours and aromas you are trying to evoke, and what is suitable for the food you are grilling! We recommend using Weber wood smoker pellets as they are specially blended to deliver the desired results when using a SmokeFire pellet bbq. We offer a wide range of woods, from an all-purpose blended hardwood for general use, to flavoured woods such as cherry, beech and apple. Whether you fancy ribs or smoked chicken, Weber’s high-quality pellets are a good choice.

No, wood pellet grills like SmokeFire are designed specifically for use with cooking wood pellets. Wood chips are, however, ideal for use on Gas or Charcoal barbecues.

Yes, the grilling possibilities are endless! Wood pellet bbqs are more versatile than just for smoking. Not only can they sear, bake or roast, but they are also easy to use with the Weber Connect smart system, making recipe selection and step-by-step grilling assistance a breeze.