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Kitchen knives for BBQ

Whether you are slicing and dicing or paring and peeling, no kitchen can do without a set of high-quality chef’s knives. Weber’s wide range of high-quality kitchen knives and cutlery will help you cut, carve, and chop any food with finesse. With a set of fine Weber knives to hand, any kitchen or bbq task becomes a breeze.

What’s special about Weber kitchen knives

We have refined our kitchen knife designs to perfection over many years of work. Using the finest quality German steel, a comfortable ergonomic form that nestles in your hand, and hardened blades that stay razor sharp, delivering clean cut after clean cut, you will carve like a pro with any one of our chef’s knives. From our heavier meat cleaver knife to the fine paring knife, Weber kitchen and bbq knives are great for cutting seared steaks, roasted rotisserie chicken or crispy ciabattas, fresh from the grill or oven.

The right kitchen knife for any task

To cleanly cut anything from Wagyu beef sirloin to farmer’s market pork, an everyday kitchen knife will often let us down. There are times when a versatile kitchen knife set is the only answer. Whether you are looking for a 6-inch, 8-inch or 10-inch chef knife for general use, or specialist vegetable and meat knives, Weber has the kitchen cutlery you are looking for.

BBQ knives must-haves

No barbecue is complete without a suitable set of knives, including a high-quality all-purpose chef’s knife partnered with a fine paring knife for peeling and cutting vegetables and meat. Next, you can’t go wrong with a razor-sharp carving knife to slice those succulent seared steaks for your waiting guests. Finally, for a dramatic touch, you can reach for a heavier meat cleaving knife, to cut those thicker, juicer slabs of roasted meat in one clean strike.

Premium materials: German stainless-steel

Since we launched our innovative range of bbqs and specialty barbecue accessories in 1952, Weber has always sought the best quality materials for all of our products. When you reach for a Weber you can rest assured that the finest German steel has been forged, with precision and care, to create a sharp, comfortable and durable design.

Most wanted kitchen knife essentials

With offices in over 40 countries, and markets worldwide, we understand what you look for in our stainless-steel knife sets. Our most sought-after kitchen and bbq knives include such essentials as

  • our superb meat carving knife,
  • all-purpose chef’s knife and
  • the ever-versatile vegetable knife.
  • Amongst our specialist blades, the precision of the file and paring knives is a firm favourite, suitable for both clean and delicate cuts, and
  • No meal is complete without a solid bread knife for that freshly warmed crusty garlic bread.

Grilling with professional barbecue knives

Knowing how to use a sharp kitchen knife with skill and finesse is an essential part of grilling and cooking generally, at home or outside using a portable bbq. Almost every recipe you use for grilling will include some type of knife work. Whether it’s simply removing the ends of chicken wings, trimming a cut of beef or filleting a freshly caught fish, good knife control is a fundamental part of cooking. A professional set of barbecue knives will instill confidence and are safer and easier to use than a worn-out kitchen knife.

BBQ knives for meat

Weber’s larger cleaving and carving knives will cut, carve and trim meat with ease and are a must-have for the bbq. Combining razor sharp blades with a firm grip and high-quality German steel construction, they will easily

  • slice meat from the bone,
  • trim excess fat or
  • cleanly cut seared steak.

Carve with the confidence of a professional!

Chef knives for vegetables

With the slightly smaller, but equally sharp and stylish, chef’s vegetable knives, cutting any greens, nuts or fruits is a breeze. Whether you are slicing lettuce, dicing tomatoes for a salsa or chopping pistachios for a crunchy salad, our stainless-steel vegetable knives will serve you well when adding the finishing side dishes to a grilled meal.

How to clean kitchen knives properly

  • Never place a sharp kitchen knife in a sink filled with soapy water, as you can easily cut yourself and damage the blade against other cutlery.
  • Wash your steel kitchen knives by hand, one at a time, and this will keep them sharp and looking good for years to come.
  • Store your knives safely in a block rather than a drawer, as this will prevent them being damaged when they bump together.

Weber chef’s knives - Frequently asked questions

Questions about meat knives or where to use a bbq knife? Read our FAQ:

What’s special about meat knives?

Meat knives are often larger than all-purpose chef's knives, and they are perfect for tackling some of the toughest tasks in the kitchen – cutting cooked and uncooked meat. Not every knife can smoothly slice through cuts of beef or par meat from a bone, which is where one of Weber’s high-quality meat carving knives comes in. Their large sharp blades are best at cutting meat, delivering clean, beautiful cuts, time and again.

What can you use a BBQ knife for?

Whether you are cooking a filleted sea bass on an electric bbq, a tender beef joint in a Smokey-Joe charcoal grill, or a roasted chicken in a portable gas grill, our knives are just as suited to the kitchen as the bbq grill.

What kitchen knife does what?

A 6, 8 or 10 inch chef’s knife is a versatile option for cutting meats and chopping vegetables or herbs, whilst a fine paring knife is used for peeling and dicing smaller ingredients or removing seeds. Our best meat carving knife will also make slicing tasty cuts from a turkey or a Sunday roast a breeze. Don’t forget a serrated bread knife for some freshly cut crusty bread, warmed beside your BBQ.

How to sharpen a meat knife?

For the best results a combination of whetstone and honing steel will keep your meat knives in top condition. A sharp blade is a safe blade as it needs less force to use, and a sharp knife is less likely to slip and cut you. Use a whetstone to give a dull blade an edge, and a honing steel to keep the blade keen as you use it.

Buy professional kitchen knives for your BBQ now

Buy Weber’s kitchen knives today and we will deliver within 7-9 days within the United Kingdom, except British Overseas Territories, Gibraltar, and British Forces Post Offices. Free return for recalls and voluntary returns.