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Premium quality barbecues

What better way to spend a lazy afternoon on a hazy summer’s day, than grilling a delicious meal for friends and family on one of Weber’s premium charcoal, gas or electric bbqs. Whether you’re savouring the sounds of a sizzling steak, or relishing the rich aromas of roasting ribs, a Weber bbq is a mark of quality and innovation.

What makes Weber BBQs so special

From the tough stainless-steel body to the sleek porcelain-enamelled surfaces, Weber bbqs are known for their exceptional build quality. Over 70 years of barbecuing experience flows through our barbecues, made with a depth of understanding unparalleled in the bbq market.

Unmistakable BBQ quality since 1952

Weber was founded in 1952, with the launch of the pioneering Kettle bbq, and we have continued to create successful inventions since then, such as the Flavorizer bars. All of our high-quality barbecues and barbecue accessories are the product of decades of refinement by Weber’s talented designers.

Innovative BBQ solutions for high expectations

With over 40 offices worldwide, Weber understands what makes a barbecue a success all over the globe. Our innovative bbqs are perfect for any occasion and are created by barbecue enthusiasts, for barbecue enthusiasts.

How to find the right barbecue for your needs

Which bbq best meets your expectations highly depends your preferences, on the food that you would like to cook and where you plan to use your barbecue. For people who love the smoky taste of a delicious steak we recommend purchasing a charcoal barbecue. If you prefer staying at home on your balcony check our electric barbecues. For everyone that values convenience but doesn’t want compromise, there is no better option than a gas barbecue.

If you would like to try out something new, how about a wood pellet barbecue that combines the ease of electric barbecuing with the rich and smoky taste of a variety of pellet options.

However you decide, if you are you looking for a large charcoal barbecue to cater for family get-togethers or a small smokeless electric barbecue for a balcony tabletop -we have the model for you, and everything in between!

BBQ master or grilling novice — we’ve got your match

A barbecue novice or a dab hand at preparing honey-glazed pork ribs? Weber has always pushed the boundaries of grilling for both beginners and professionals alike, providing you with all the tools and features you need to cook sensational food, no matter your expertise.

Count on your Weber BBQ for every occasion

Whether you’re having a few friends over, or a family celebration, we have the model for you. Enjoy a picnic in the park with one of our portable gas bbqs, such as the sleek Weber Traveler, and enjoy food on the go. Or, savour the lovely aromas of slow smoked ribs from an electric SmokeFire bbq, as you prepare a delicious evening meal for the family.

Weber BBQs —more than a grill

Whether you are flash-grilling sea bass or slow roasting pulled pork, all of Weber’s bbqs are made with the highest quality materials, specially selected to meet your barbecuing needs. This attention to quality means our grills, indoors or outdoors, will serve you well for many years to come.

Taste the difference with Weber BBQs

The sounds, smells and taste of cooking with a barbecue speaks to us of our long history of preparing hot food in the wild. At Weber, we are passionate about creating bbqs that embody this experience, and can roast, sear, grill and smoke to perfection. There is nothing close to the taste of freshly cooked food, served piping hot from a Weber bbq.

Barbecue finger-licking good food for your guests

Whether you wish to grill a juicy steak in the garden or by the pool, roast potatoes at the beach or slow cook smoky-flavoured ribs for the family, you can rely on Weber’s bbqs and grill accessories to deliver mouth-watering food for everyone.

Why buying a Weber BBQ is an investment

All of our barbecue models, from a neat portable camping bbq, to the latest smart grill, are created from premium materials, designed to serve you for many years to come. From the small Go-Anywhere portable bbq, to the large gourmet Master-Touch series, you’re buying a bbq that will last.

Weber barbecues – Frequently asked questions

Wondering which fuel is best, how to clean a bbq or after beginner's advice? Our FAQ can help.

Is a gas, charcoal or electric grill right for me?

More than anything, which bbq you choose depends on the type of food you like to cook and where. Do you love the smoky taste of ribs in grill sauces? A charcoal barbecue is ideal. Want to enjoy a bbq at home on the balcony? Then a portable electric barbecue should be top of your list. Looking for an easy yet powerful bbq? Then check out our range of gas barbecues.

Which BBQ is best for beginners?

A small barbecue such as the portable charcoal barbecue from the Smokey Joe series is the perfect size for any beginner. Small enough to be easily controlled, but still large enough to cook several things at once, this small design is also easy to clean and store.

How to clean your BBQ for long-lasting usage

Allow the bbq to cool, unplug the power and disconnect the gas. Do not use an abrasive pad, instead use a cloth with a suitable metal, plastic or porcelain cleaning spray and wipe down all surfaces. Brush the iron grate clean and rinse with water. Allow the grill to dry completely before storing.

What BBQ accessories are a must-have?

Before you fire up the barbecue, make sure you have bbq gloves or mitts, apron, bbq tongs, cleaning brushes, scraper and serving plates to hand. Next on your list should be a thermometer for checking if food is done, and essential cutlery such as Weber chef’s knives, skewers, spatula and a good basting brush.

Create unforgettable taste – Order your BBQ from Weber now

Enjoy a Weber now and order today and we will deliver within 7-9 days within the United Kingdom, except British Overseas Territories, Gibraltar, and British Forces Post Offices. Free return for recalls and voluntary returns.