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Original Kettle

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The kettle that started it all – the Original Kettle

Based on George Stephen’s Original Kettle, this charcoal barbecue has been updated with a range of features to delight outdoor cooking enthusiasts and barbecue heroes around the world. Get ready to grill everything from burgers to chicken wings and veggies with the classically inspired Kettle Series.

Cook low and slow on your Original Kettle

From pulled pork to succulent ribs, you’ll be able to cook all your favourites low and slow style on the Weber Original Kettle. The classic charcoal barbecue comes with a range of special features, allowing you to slow-cook such delectable meats with ease. The char ring keeps the fuel together for consistent heat and extended burn times. The diffuser acts as an indirect cooking zone. And the ‘P’ shaped vent allows for precise air-flow control.

Smoke meat on your Original Kettle

Offering superior flexibility, the Weber original kettle premium can be used for the smoking of everything from pulled pork to briskets. Simply mix your rub, cover the meat, and set up your grill for the ultimate smoking experience. Just beware that lengthy cooking times will be required for the chunkiest cuts.

From roast to pizza – perfectly cooked food

Whether inviting the family for a Sunday roast or friends for a pizza party, you can achieve perfectly cooked food thanks to the Weber kettle barbecue. The Weber 57cm kettle cooking grate is easily big enough for the grilling of steaks and burgers for your hungry guests. And the preparation of melt-in-the-mouth chicken will be a breeze with the Weber poultry roaster.

Get to know the Weber Original Kettle Series

Complete with classic Weber Kettle barbecue stylings, the Original Kettle has been designed for everyday ease of use. You can be certain that this robust barbecue will deliver exceptionally grilled feasts time and time again.

The iconic Original Kettle

Weber has applied a wealth of experience and knowledge in updating the world-famous Original Kettle. Taking inspiration from George Stephen’s classic 1952 model, we’ve packed this barbecue with standout features. The longer legs and more stable base mean that you can barbecue with confidence. Spent ash can be easily disposed of with the One-Touch Cleaning System. And you’ll always be within reaching distance of the essential barbecue tools thanks to the integrated hooks.

The Classic Kettle

Available with either a 47cm or 57cm cooking grate, the Classic Kettle stands out as the true gold standard in barbecuing. Complete with rust-resistant aluminium damper, glass-reinforced nylon handles and durable all-weather wheels, this will be your year-round barbecuing companion.

It’s worth buying these accessories to go with your classic kettle:

Weber Original Kettle Series – frequently asked questions

Striving for the highest levels of customer satisfaction, we present our answers to your everyday questions about the Weber Original Kettle Series.

How to use the Weber Original Kettle?

You should prepare for the use of your Weber Original Kettle Premium charcoal grill by adjusting the vent handle, noting how much of the vent is open. The easiest barbecuing experience will be assured if you leave the vent completely open, with the lid-damper being used for temperature control.

If you don’t have a chimney starter, then the coals should be arranged in a pyramid shape on top of the grate. Two lighter cubes should then be placed within the coals, lit, and left to sit until there’s a white layer of ash over the charcoal. Take a look at the instruction guide to see how much coal should be used and how long you may expect the barbecuing of meat and vegetables to take.

We recommend the following cooking methods:

  • Direct cooking (over the coals) - suitable for foods that take less than 20 minutes to cook, such as steaks, burgers and boneless meats
  • Indirect cooking (not over the coals) - suitable for the low and slow cooking of foods such as whole chicken, pulled pork, and brisket

If you want more expert guidance and become a true BBQ hero, then book in for one of the Weber Grill Academy courses.

How does the One-Touch cleaning system work?

You’ll find that the cleaning of your Original Kettle is super-simple with the One-touch Cleaning System. Just slide the lever back and forth, remove the high-capacity ash-catcher, and discard.

Which sizes of the Original Kettle are available?

As mentioned, the Weber original kettle BBQ comes in a choice of 47cm and 57cm versions. The 47cm models have a total cooking area of 1548 CM², big enough for 9 burgers while the 57cm variety offer 2342 CM², big enough for 13 burgers. Whichever size you choose, you’ll be assured of complete barbecuing satisfaction.

How hot can a Weber Kettle get?

The Weber Kettle premium can heat up to temperatures of anywhere from 600 degrees F to 900 degrees F depending on the settings. Such temperature levels can be reached by resting the grill with the top down and keeping vents open for 15-20 minutes for optimum air ventilation. Weber charcoal briquettes and accessories should be used if you’re going to be cooking at such heats.

How many lumps of charcoal do I have to use in a Weber Kettle?

There’s a balance to be struck when selecting the number of charcoal lumps to use in your Weber kettle. You shouldn’t use so many that you waste valuable fuel, or so few that you can’t maintain the optimum cooking temperatures. The suitable number will come down to what food you’re barbecuing and which Weber model you’re using.

It’s well worth using the RapidFire Chimney starter so that you get the number of lumps just right. As general guidance, around a quarter of the chimney should be filled for the cooking of tender meats, around half to three-quarters for burgers and sausages, and a full three-quarters for seared meats. Complete temperature control is assured with the Weber grill dampers.

Find the right Original Kettle barbecue for you!

There’s no better cooking experience than listening to the sound of crackling briquettes and smelling the rich smoke as you barbecue a sumptuous feast on your Original Kettle Barbecue. With deliveries being made within 7-9 days within the United Kingdom and free returns for both recalls and voluntary returns, you can have every confidence in buying from Weber. Did we mention the 2-year guarantee?