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BBQ Accessories

Whether you are roasting rotisserie ribs in the garden, or listening to sizzling sausages at the campsite, no barbecue is complete without a few essential utensils and bbq accessories. If you are prepping, cooking or cleaning, Weber has the barbecue accessories you need to cook up a delicious feast and keep everything looking spic and span.

BBQ accessories for heavy duty hosting

From simple skewers to rotating rotisseries and tongs, spatulas, bbq cleaning brushes or bbq utensils for every occasion, Weber’s superb range of bbq accessories will make grilling for family and friends a pleasure.

Mitts, gloves and aprons for maximum safety

Our tailor-made range of barbecue mitts, gloves and aprons will keep you looking smart and protect your hands and clothing from a hot, busy bbq as you sear a juicy steak or flip a homemade burger. Comfortable, hard-wearing and easy to clean, they are everything you look for in bbq clothing and equipment.

Professional cleaning tools

After the hot embers have died down, the flickering gas flames have faded and the electricity turned off, now is the best time to clean, before any residues start to harden. Our cookbox scrapers, sponges, microfibre cloths and sprays will tackle any mess with ease. Don’t forget to protect your clean and shiny bbq with one of our fitted bbq covers from our wide range of accessories and equipment.

Baskets and pans for your veggies

Enhance your grill with a Weber grilling basket, ideal for adding a crispy bite to crunchy veg or a delicate sear to a fish fillet. Our premium and deluxe grilling trays, baskets and boxes can be used time and again, to easily add cooking zones to a grill.

Takeaway accessories: tableware and cutlery

From sizzling on the grate; to ready on the plate, our high-quality range of bbq tableware and cutlery accessories provides everything you need for your family and friends to tuck in to the delicious feast you have prepared. Ranging from deluxe cutlery sets made of German steel, to tough scratch-resistant porcelain pizza plates, our handy bbq utensil sets will serve you well.

Accessories for your barbecue type:

Whatever grill you own, we have the cooking accessories and brushes  for you - read on to find out more.

Accessories for gas barbecues

For a gas barbecue, you will need the same handy bbq utensils any grill requires, including a grate brush and scraper set, tongs, gloves and other essentials. They also benefit from bbq accessories such as pizza stones or grilling trays, for delivering crispy crust pizzas and tasty pancakes.

Charcoal barbecue accessories

If your charcoal barbecue has space, a bbq grill rack is a fantastic bbq accessory, allowing you to easily control the cooking speeds of different foods. Don’t forget your Weber Rapidfire chimney starter and bbq fire lighter to make starting a charcoal grill a breeze.

Accessories for electric barbecues

Keep your electric barbecue looking smart with a Weber cleaning kit and help protect the parts in storage with a fitted bbq cover. Or add to the versatility of this grill with a rotisserie spit and grilling tray to open your electric bbq to new foods.

Portable Barbecue accessories

When you want to grill on the beach or picnic in the park, a portable bbq stand will help to protect the ground, or, if you are worried about flare ups or uneven cooking, a grill mat will help you no matter the location. Don’t forget a great set of bbq tongs, when you are out in the wild!

Accessories for wood pellet grills

Aside from a full set of cleaning brushes and Weber wood pellets, a bbq grill basket and rib rack are essential smoker accessories, helping you to deliver deliciously smoked food with ease, allowing the rich woodsmoke to fully permeate your food.

Weber BBQ accessories - frequently asked questions

Wondering which bbq accessories are best to start with, or what qualities they should have and how to clean or store them? Our FAQ can help you:

What BBQ Accessories do I need for the start?

Before you fire up the barbecue, make sure you have bbq gloves or mitts, apron, bbq tongs, cleaning brushes, a scraper and serving plates to hand. Next on your list should be a thermometer for checking if the food is done, and essential cutlery such as Weber chef’s knives, skewers, spatula and a good basting brush.

What should I look for in a BBQ tool set?

A good quality bbq utensil or bbq tool set should be tough, comfortable to use and easy to clean. Weber’s barbecue sets are made of German steel and offer 70 years of grilling experience in their smart and ergonomic design. A wide and varied set of bbq tools also means you have the right utensil to hand when you want to try out a tasty new dish!

How do I clean my BBQ accessories best?

Some bbq utensils are dishwasher safe, but gentle washing up by hand will help to keep your bbq accessories looking their best for longer. Always wash your Weber knives by hand, one at a time, so that you don’t cut yourself when reaching into soapy water. If you need to soak off tough residues, place the items in a shallow tray with soapy water for several hours.

Where do I store my BBQ tools when not in use?

After cleaning your bbq accessories thoroughly, store them carefully so they cannot be knocked or damaged. Knives should be placed in a knife block to preserve the blade and prevent cuts when reaching into a drawer filled with sharp edges. Placing cork on the tips of skewers, rotisseries and other pointed items can help protect them, and you! Other bbq accessories such as bbq trays, baskets and griddles can be stored with the grill itself, but clean and rinse them thoroughly beforehand, so they are fresh to use.

Buy your BBQ accessories from Weber now

Weber has been designing bbq accessories and utensils since 1952, and with over 40 offices worldwide, we understand what makes grilling a success all over the globe. Order today and we will deliver within 7-9 days within the United Kingdom, except British Overseas Territories, Gibraltar, and British Forces Post Offices. Free return for recalls and voluntary returns.