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Built for Q 300/3000 series barbecues
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Built for Q 2000/200, 2200/220, 2400/240 barbecues
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Built for Roasting Rack 6564
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Built for Roasting Rack 6563
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Built for Q 200/2000/300/3000 series
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Built for Q 1000/100, 1200/120, and 1400/140
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Built for Elevations Tiered Grilling System
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Roasting racks and shields

How to make the most of your grate

Having perfected the art of barbecuing since 1952, we continue to apply our superior know-how in the creation of high-quality barbecues. Producing gourmet dishes and sides, you can enrich the prime flavours of lamb, chicken, pork and beef by placing our series of Weber grill accessories on your Weber cooking grates. Use our guide to racks and roasters in the planning of a winning barbecue party.

The best tools for roasting on your Weber

We never stop innovating, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge as Weber. Look forward to your family and friends marvelling at the juicy chicken, flaky brisket and luscious lamb ribs that you’ve rustled up on your Weber Gourmet Barbecue System (GBS).

Our high-quality roasting tools include the:

  • Weber poultry roaster
  • Weber grill rack
  • Weber rib rack
  • Weber barbecue rack
  • Weber roasting shields
  • Weber roasting rack

Team these with powerful Weber cooking grates for mouth-watering meat that’ll have your guests queuing up for ‘seconds’. Our cooking accessories and barbecue tools help you handle and dish up your menu.

Achieving perfect results with Weber racks

A Weber roasting rack helps you serve up tender cooked meat that’s sure to impress. The meat will be elevated on top of the stainless-steel grates, allowing you to slow roast for longer using the indirect heat cooking method.

Roasting shields for indirect heat

Always place a Weber roasting shield underneath when using a roasting rack. Apart from preventing the bottom of the meat from burning, it can also make the cleaning of your Weber barbecue that much easier.

Roasting shields help you to perfect the indirect heat style of barbecuing. They prevent the flames from reaching and drying out the meat, encouraging the heat to circulate from its source at the side of your Weber Gourmet BBQ System.

Using the indirect heat cooking method with Weber gas or charcoal barbecues you can smoke your chosen meat and deepen its flavours.

Endless barbecue possibilities with Weber grilling racks

Whatever the meat, you can be confident it will roast succulently on a Weber grill rack. Why limit your barbecuing when Weber can deliver time after time?

The perfect meal with Weber racks and roasters

Weber cooking accessories help you to achieve gourmet results that’ll become the main attraction of each barbecue you host. Here we present a selection of the tantalising treats that you could be serving your guests.

Using the poultry roaster for crowd pleasing chicken

A staple of al fresco dining, chicken can become a little dry. However, Weber’s Poultry Roaster retains the crispness and moisture. There’s space for a 330 ml can of cola or beer, sitting inside the whole chicken whilst being barbecued. Or make a gravy from the juices saved in Weber’s Deluxe Poultry Roaster.

Tender rib meat falling off the bone with Weber rib racks

Achieve ribs that fall off the bone with the official Weber Rib Rack. Place it on your Weber cooking grates and load it with up to five racks of ribs. They’ll cook vertically, so you can fit more of your guests’ main courses on the barbecue.

Preparing rich lamb racks

Savour the best lamb racks you’ve ever tasted with roasting racks. The Deluxe Barbecuing Rack’s support wires can hold up to four racks of ribs, meaning everyone gets fed quicker.

Cooking all at once with the grilling rack

Holding a legendary barbecue becomes possible as everything is grilled in one place. Forget multiple trips to the kitchen and cooking in different pans when you use the Weber Grilling Rack.

It gives you more cooking space to rustle up a variety of sumptuous snacks, including:

  • Toasted bread
  • Starters
  • Vegetable garnishes.

The versatile Weber Grilling Rack acts as a second grate that stands over your main cooking grate. This roasting rack offers another tier to cut down your guests’ wait time whilst you’re whipping up burgers, grilling their toppings and toasting their bread.

Weber racks and roasters - frequently asked questions

Striving to achieve the highest barbecuing standards, we present our answers to your most asked questions about Weber racks and roasters.

How do I achieve the best results with Weber racks and roasters?

Indirect heat is your friend when barbecuing with these tools. Cook low and slow, preserving the meat’s juices. Weber’s chicken roasters add something new - the ability to cook chicken over a can of beer or fizzy drink. Just be sure to pour out a third of the can’s contents beforehand.

How to install a Weber rack?

Delicious meals begin with the easy installation of your Weber roasting rack.

Place your chosen Weber roasting rack on top of the cast iron Weber cooking grates and you’re away! Just don’t forget to add your Weber roasting shield underneath the roasting rack.

How to set up my Weber for roasting?

Start by giving your Weber Gourmet Barbecue System a quick brush with a recommended Weber tool to clean away any residue.

Next, place your chosen roasting rack on top of a Weber roasting shield and ignite the barbecue.

Finally, preheat for 10 minutes (with the lid closed) before cooking low and slow once warm.

Find the right racks and roasters for your Weber barbecue

Cook up impressive results and become the host with the most by using Weber grill accessories. Compatible with several Weber series, these accessories will make all the difference when it comes to guest satisfaction.

Check out Weber’s recipes for the inspiration of your next menu.