Weber Q: Electric Barbecues

Weber Q: Electric Barbecues


Dinner doesn’t get easier than plugging in your Q electric barbecue.

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Q Electric

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Q Series Electric Barbecues

The sun is shining, the sounds of the city are all around, as you savour the delicious smells of a sizzling steak on a Weber Q electric bbq, the urban griller’s dream. Weber Q electric bbqs offer everything you need to sear, roast and grill whether relaxing in the garden, on the balcony with friends or beside your camper. 

Features of Q electric BBQs

Weber’s high performance electric bbqs incorporate all the lessons we have learned from over 70 years of grilling experience. All of our Q electric bbqs benefit from

  • a porcelain-enamelled cast iron grate,
  • fast heating elements and
  • a tough aluminium body and lid.

They are

  • quick to heat,
  • easy to use,
  • simple to transport

and can be used in gardens, campsites and outdoor locations where other fuels are restricted.

With or without stand - your choice

The versatile design of the Weber Q electric bbq with a detachable portable cart and wide range of handy accessories, enables you to tailor the grill to any occasion. Fancy a quick tabletop bbq without the stand or spending time with the family on the patio as the Q series and stand cooks an evening meal? Our smokeless electric and portable barbecues are easy to adapt to meet your space and grilling needs.

Removable catch pan

Weber’s Q electric bbq also benefits from a removable catch pan, funnelling grease into a disposable drip pan. This simplifies cleaning and helps to protect tabletops and other surfaces from unsightly stains. The sleek aluminium body and accessible design makes cleaning and storing the Q Series easy.

Infinite heat control options

The powerful electric heating element can sear a steak just as well as a gas grill and offers the same degree of cooking finesse with Weber’s temperature controls. For the best results, close the lid, turn on the heating element and set the control knob to high. Preheat for around 20 minutes depending on the ambient air temperature. Or use a Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub temperature probe and let the Weber Connect app (download on the App Store or get it on Google Play) keep you updated on the grill’s temperature through your phone!

Advantages of the Q Series electric barbecue

We all love the taste of freshly barbecued food, but modern life means that many places no longer allow for smoky charcoal grills, open flames or gas canisters. With a smokeless Q series electric bbq from Weber you are free to grill outdoors where other fuels are restricted. Added to this, the

  • portable size,
  • fast heating elements and
  • Weber build quality

combine to make this the best urban bbq on the market.

Plug in and barbecue anywhere with Q

If you fancy a picnic in the park with the family, or lying in the garden on a lazy day, grab one of our electric Q bbqs and enjoy delicious grilled food no matter your plans. With the grill’s 1.8m cable and your own power extension, you can easily reach that secluded spot, or run the cable from a camper or park bbq socket and enjoy grilling outdoors. It’s as simple as plugging in, closing the lid and switching on. In no time at all you will enjoy spicy lamb skewers or tasty pork chops!

Q electric barbecue turns your garden into an outdoor kitchen

Combine the bbq with some brilliant Weber Q accessories, and you can transform your electric bbq into an oven and cook roasts to perfection. Or you can let your inner chef run free, and cook stir-fries, pizzas, cakes, muffins and pancakes on the grill. With a Weber bbq, the garden becomes your kitchen.

Connect the Q electric barbecue with your smartphone

Our Weber Connect app is the new, secret ingredient in deliciously grilled food. Stay in control through your phone with

  • grill temperature tracking,
  • flip and serve notifications and
  • a food readiness countdown.

With Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity and a Weber Connect Smart hub you can easily keep an eye on the electric Q bbq, no matter where you are.

Weber Q Electric Barbecue – Frequently asked questions

Wondering about the grilling qualities of the Q Series, where it can reach and which model is best? Our FAQ can help:

For how many people can I barbecue with the Q Electric?

The compact size of the Weber Q Series makes the electric barbecue suitable for patios and small gardens. Despite its small size, the generous grill surface has enough room to barbecue for up to 4 with the Q1400 model or 6 people with the Q 2400 version.

How long is the cable of Q electric barbecues?

The Q series uses a 1.8m cable (6 feet), and if you intend to use a power extension in the garden or campsite, we recommend you use an anti-trip cable cover.

What cart options are available for the Q series?

A Weber® Q 1400 Electric Barbecue with Stand or the portable cart is a fantastic investment that makes barbecuing on-the-go simple and easy. Both stands are set to an optimal height for cooking and lock bbqs in place, securely. After tongs, gloves and brushes, a Weber stand or cart is one the best accessories you can purchase for a Q series electric grill.

Does an electric BBQ achieve an authentic flavour?

Since our very first Kettle bbq, launched when the company was founded in 1952, all of our models share the closed-lid cooking approach, sealing in the moisture, flavours and heat, infusing your food with the distinctive rich Weber grill taste. Our Q series electric bbq is no different, and will deliver tasty grilled food, every time.

Q Electric vs. Pulse Series - Which one is right for me?

The Pulse Series boasts a larger cooking area, smart integration with the Weber Connect app, two meat probes and a digital thermometer with an LED display, and rounded off with a handy side table for condiments and plates. If you are looking for a larger electric bbq with more features, then the Pulse is the obvious choice.

Buy your Electric Q Barbecue from Weber now!

Looking for the perfect indoor or outdoor electric bbq? The Q Series is for you. Order today and we will deliver within 7-9 days within the United Kingdom, except British Overseas Territories, Gibraltar, and British Forces Post Offices. Free return for recalls and voluntary returns.