Weber Ambassadors

Weber Ambassadors

Meet The Team

From classically trained French chefs and world champion pitmasters to backyard heroes, our team is here to show you how to prep, smoke, and grill like a pro.

Tuffy Stone, Weber Ambassador
Richmond, VA

Tuffy Stone

Six-time World Barbecue Champion and Barbecue Hall of Fame Inductee.

Charlie McKenna, Weber Ambassador
Chicago, IL

Charlie McKenna

Award-winning Pitmaster, Chef and Owner of Lillie's Q.

Leah Cohen, Weber Ambassador
New York, NY

Leah Cohen

Restaurateur & TV Celebrity Chef.

Justin Sutherland, Weber Ambassador
Minneapolis, MN

Justin Sutherland

Chef, restauranteur, Iron Chef winner and host of Fast Foodies.

Rob Levitt, Weber Ambassador
Chicago, IL

Rob Levitt

Chef and Head Butcher at Chicago's Publican Quality Meats.

Rick Martinez, Weber Ambassador
Mazatlán, Mexico

Rick Martinez

Writer, Recipe Developer, and James Beard Nominated Chef.

Dustin Green, Weber Ambassador
Chicago, IL

Dustin Green

Head Grillmaster at Weber Inc.

Jason Pruitt, Weber Ambassador
Chicago, IL

Jason Pruitt

Lead Trainer and BBQ Expert at Weber Inc.

Kelsey Heidkamp, Weber Ambassador
Denver, CO

Kelsey Heidkamp

Grillmaster, Global Trainer, & Culinary Manager at Weber Inc.

Kevin Kolman, Weber Ambassador
Chicago, IL

Kevin Kolman

BBQ Expert and Grillmaster