Meet Dustin Green
Head Grillmaster at Weber Inc.

Meet Dustin Green

After attending the Scottsdale Culinary Institute and before joining the Weber, Inc. team, Dustin spent 5 years as the Senior Executive Chef for the Weber Grill Restaurants. Through his time in restaurants, Dustin was able build a skill set across many different cuisines that laid the perfect foundation for joining the Weber Grillmaster Team. He always had a passion for smoking, grilling and barbecue and eventually made his way back to where it all started in American style cuisine.

Dustin has a unique ability to build recipes and menus using his past knowledge of food and his ability to taste food and deconstruct it. He then uses that inspiration to construct those same dishes on a Weber grill. His expertise in grilling, culinary and menu creation has helped the brand build world class grilling experiences for Weber partners and consumers around the world.

His earliest memories of grilling were with his father on his black Weber kettle. Little did he know, he would be working with such an iconic American brand many years later.

Dustin's Favorites