To Grill or Not to Grill

To Grill or Not to Grill

To Grill or Not to Grill……….

There should be no question about it! Just because it is fall and the weather is cooler is no reason to stop grilling! You loved it all summer, so why stop making the great recipes you enjoyed?

But, if you have not been consistent with cleaning and maintaining your grill, do it now before the weather turns cold and you use that as your excuse!

These tips take only minutes to do, and will assure safe grilling this fall.

For Gas Models:

Check for leaks!
Whenever changing or disconnecting an LP tank, perform a leak check when the tank is reconnected. A simple soapy water solution applied to the connection is all you need.  With the control knobs off, turn on the tank. If bubbles form, DO NOT USE THE GRILL!  There is a gas leak. Try a different tank!

Brush the burner tubes!
Using a clean Weber stainless steel brush, brush across the portholes to clear all oxidation and debris from the ports. Do not brush lengthwise, as that may push more into the holes.  Blocked portholes can cause a back flash fire.

Check the cookbox!
Excess grease can collect on the sides of the cookbox over time. Grease is flammable! Use a plastic scraper to push all grease into the bottom tray (grease tray).

Clean out the bottom tray (grease tray)!
Use a plastic scraper to push all of the excess grease into the catch pan. Again, grease is flammable!

Empty the catch pan and toss the aluminum catch pan liner!
Replace the catch pan liner. Remember, grease is flammable!

For Charcoal Models:

Clean out all ashes!
Empty all ashes and unburnt charcoal from the bowl and ash catcher before you grill. Your charcoal will burn easier, and no burning ash will end up outside the grill.           

Visit these links on to see how quick and easy this is.
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Dave V

I use my Charcoal grill and electric smoker year round. They sit in my shed during the winter, but we have 2 Concrete decks, one attached to the house and one at rear of our house. I shovel both clean, and the rear deck sits beside my shed, so I shovel from one deck to the other, then to the shed then from shed on angle back to path to the decks. I shovel out the area around the doors of my shed, so I have access to it at all times. Doing this allows me to pull out the BBQ or Smoker and get to doing what needs to to be done. When a foot of snow falls, it takes me 20 minutes to clean it all out. If we could post pictures here, I would show you the way it done.


Ann Garrison

Wow! You really have this down to a science! So glad you are another winter grilling fan who knows the joy of having barbecues year-round! While we cannot post consumer photos in the blog area, we definitely would love it if you would post them to our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts. I know our fans would enjoy seeing how you do it!!

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