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Thank you for listening to the Grilling Podcast. We hope you enjoyed the tips and advice that Simon Rimmer and his guests have shared around cooking both inside and outside of the home, and are feeling inspired by some of the stories you’ve heard. 

That same passion for cooking is ingrained in our heritage and is what drives the Weber story. In 1952 our founder George Stephen, tired of inconsistent results from his open brazier grill, cut a metal buoy in half and then added a grate and  three legs to create the iconic kettle barbecue. Ever since then, we’ve been driven by that same desire: to improve the barbecue experience. 

That includes teaching you how to get the most out of your barbecue, which you can learn at the Weber Grill Academy! 

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The Weber Grill Academy

Discover What's Possible

Discover what's possible on your barbecue at the Weber Grill Academy. With a wide number of courses to choose from, whatever your level or interest, you can be sure to enjoy an incredible day out, either by yourself or with friends, and come home bursting with new barbecue inspiration.