Autumn & Winter Barbecue Tips​

Winter is a great time to barbecue as the natural moisture in the air during the winter months helps keep food from drying out, giving you delicious, juicy results. The smoky flavours that you can only get from the barbecue shouldn’t just be reserved for summertime! With our gatherings restricted mainly to outside at the moment, what better time to carry on from where you left off in the summer and try out new, rich flavours that only a barbecue can bring. 

While Winter barbecuing can seem intimidating in the cold weather, remember that you don’t need to remain outside too long! Barbecuing the ‘Weber Way’ means grilling with your barbecue lid down: keeping your barbecue temperature more stable, your meat tender and your cook protected from the elements! It makes coming inside to the warm hearth with your finished meal even more satisfying and cosy. As many foods require an Indirect Cooking technique, it means you can leave your barbecue to do the work while you keep warm inside. Moreover, our Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub sends notifications straight to your smart phone at all stages of the barbecuing process, allowing you the luxury of relaxing. 

Hearty root vegetables which are in season in colder months, lend themselves beautifully to barbecuing, so why not try roasting squash and parsnips, baking potatoes or serving cooked and stuffed apples or pears for an easy dessert, straight from the barbecue! Its also a perfect time to master roasting a chicken, Christmas turkey, or even perfecting a Sunday roast on your grill. Once you start thinking beyond burgers and sausages, the choices are endlessly delicious. 

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