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Smoke House Barbecue

Smoke House Barbecue

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  • 4 Hour(s)
  • Level 3

Smoke House is Grill Academy’s latest course developed to cover a wide array of smoking techniques on all our barbecues: not only Charcoal but also Gas, Electric and on Wood Pellets on Weber’s SmokeFire. From beginners wanting to discover the basics of smoking to advanced grillers wanting to perfect curing or use coffee grains to smoked food, it is suitable for all keen grillers. For those who want to discover new flavours, and for all who simply are willing to enjoy the best of barbecued food.

A unique hands-on experience, this new course teaches you the Weber Way of barbecuing, demonstrates the full array of smoking techniques, as well as covering key skills such as lighting and temperature control. Learn how to perfect beef ribs, reverse-sear steaks, cure salmon in Gin and beetroot, grill and smoke seasonal vegetables or use coffee beans to flavour boost your pudding.

Want to get the most from your barbecue and cook more than the standard barbecue fare of burgers and sausages? The Smoke House course explores how to use Weber's renowned ""lid-on"" barbecue technique to grill, roast, bake and of course smoke! During the 4 hours, you and your classmates will prepare a variety of different dishes under the guidance of an expert chef.

  • Focused on Smoking techniques on all barbecues including Gas and Electric, this course also features the new SmokeFire Wood Pellet Grill and Weber Connect.
  • Learn unique techniques such as curing, ember cooking, smoking using a variety of woods and ingredients such as coffee beans.
  • Discover how versatile a Weber Barbecue can be and become an expert in smoking on any grill.
9 Course Menu
  1. 1st Welcome sharing dish  
    Welcome sharing dish: Cedar smoked cheese plank with fresh berries, honey and toasted sourdough
  2. 2nd Starters  
    Starters: Bacon Candy
  3. 3rd Starters  
    Starters: Gin and beetroot cured smoked salmon
  4. 4th Starters  
    Starters: Smoke House seasonal vegetables
  5. 5th Snack  
    Snack: Chilli rubbed ribeye steak with lime and coriander butter
  6. 6th Main  
    Main: SmokeFire beef ribs with homemade Rub and BBQ sauce
  7. 7th Main  
    Main: Ember grilled leeks with pink pepper butter
  8. 8th Main  
    Main: Coal baked potatoes with smoked cheese and mustard sauce
  9. 9th Dessert  
    Dessert: Coffee smoked orange brownies with crème fraiche
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quotes I don't really eat meat, but we cooked a delicious risotto, puddings and a really delicious chocolate fondant cake. You’re challenged to cook side dishes, bread, cakes and all of these things, and it was hands-on, not academic. So people were having a go and it was a two-way thing – working together rather than just being told what to do. Sarah Hellings, 25, England