Weber Pulse: the no-nonsense compact electric grill

"The Electric Grill Revolution"


Why use an electric barbecue?

With the start of every summer, city dwellers have often found themselves left out of the joys of firing up a barbecue. The new Weber Pulse, however, brings the classic pastime to new heights with its innovative space-saving technology. Some people crave the smoky taste of meat that’s been cooked slowly over the coals, while others long for the streaks seared into their steaks as they roast on cast iron grates – the Weber Pulse delivers both in record time.

Fitted out with easy-to-clean electrical heating elements, the Weber Pulse sidesteps restrictions placed on where gas and coal barbecues can be used, which often includes inner-city balconies. There’s no need to worry about stocking up on fuel either: with the Pulse you're just a click away from a barbecue whenever you want.

How electric barbecuing works

"Temperature control at your fingertips"

The rich flavour profile of a meal fresh from the barbecue is built slowly as the space between the heating element, the food and the lid fills with smoke. While other electric barbecues toast food directly on the element, the Weber Pulse is fitted with cast iron cooking grates with plenty of room for that layered, smoky aroma to develop. The grates are also partitioned into two separate temperature zones so you can sear a steak on high heat and slow cook a side dish at the same time.

"Weber re-defines E-Power"

And don’t worry about the barbecue cooling too quickly when you lift the lid to turn your food: the porcelain- enamelled grate holds its heat, blazing in those classic grill marks as the finishing touch to a fresh plate of BBQ. The lid on the Pulse has an eye-catching design, but not only that: it has been carefully engineered to ensure the optimum distance between the food and the top of the lid, to generate that authentic flavour which we all long for. And all of this comes in a patio-friendly footprint.

Mastering barbecuing temperature made easy

Pulse 1000 Barbecue

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What’s more, the Weber Pulse is fired up and ready to go within minutes. A steady, constant current runs through the coil for an even distribution of high-powered heat without the drastic fluctuations in temperature of other electrical heating elements.

Know how your food’s getting on with the removable digital thermal control panel for accurate temperature readings that take the guesswork out of grilling. The iGrill thermometer also measures the internal temperature of your food and can send alerts directly to your phone once your food is fully cooked, enabling you to focus on what’s important: enjoying yourself.

The Perfect Small-Space Grill

    Enjoy the possibilities of barbecuing whole chickens and big roasts under the tall lid!
    The integrated iGrill monitors the temperature of your food and notifies you when it's ready.
    Simultaneously grill different foods in two temperature zones.