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Rotisseries & Poultry Holders

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Rotisseries & Poultry Holders

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Built for Genesis 400 Series and Genesis II 400 / 600 Series
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Built for most Spirit/Spirit II gas barbecues
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Built for Q 300/3000 series
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Built for Genesis 300 and Genesis II 200 / 300 Series
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Built for Q 200/2000 series
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Built for Pulse 1000/2000 series
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Built for Q 100/1000 series
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Built for Gourmet BBQ System cooking grates
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Built for 57 cm charcoal barbecues
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Built for rotisseries for charcoal barbecues, Q 1000/100, 2000/200, 3000/300 series, and large gas...
Price reduced from £73.99 to £59.19
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BBQ rotisseries

From succulent chicken to moist ribs, you can cook up a variety of tantalising treats with a barbecue rotisserie from Weber.

Rotisseries for your Weber barbecue

Whether you’ve chosen one of Weber’s gas or electric barbecues, you can enhance your cooking experience with a purpose-made rotisserie. Simply insert the rotisserie above the cooking grate and leave your meat to rotate while you enjoy special moments with family and friends.

Rotisseries for your gas barbecue

Continuing to develop innovations across the world of barbecuing, we’ve produced rotisseries for popular gas barbecues such as our Spirit, Genesis and Q Series. Fire up your gas barbecue with a rotisserie and cook the tenderest meats with these essential cooking accessories from Weber.

Rotisseries for your Weber charcoal barbecue

Weber offers a rotisserie designed to fit 57cm charcoal barbecues such as the Master-Touch and Classic Kettle. Use your Weber charcoal rotisserie for the outdoor cooking of a whole chicken for that finger-licking barbecue taste.

Rotisseries for electric grills

You can keep the meat spinning with rotisseries for the Q electric series of barbecues. Plug in the rotisserie, then sit back and relax while your favourite meats are grilled to perfection.

Succulent rotisserie meat with the taste of barbecue

Succulence, tenderness, and full flavour will be assured when using your Weber rotisserie kit. We have plenty of recipes that you might like to follow when cooking on your Weber Spirit or Genesis rotisserie.

The perfect rotisserie chicken from your own back garden

Whether you have a craving for a kebab or a full roast, you can use a rotisserie for perfect chicken preparation. Apply a thin coating of butter and add your favourite seasonings for the ultimate slow-roast chicken to combine with French fries and other sides.

Juicy, evenly cooked kebabs

There’s no denying that food tastes better on a stick. So, go ahead and surprise your guests - spear your favourite meat and veggie combo as a shish kebab ready for low-medium cooking with the Weber kebab rotisserie system. Or wow your guests with adana kebab, a Turkish specialty with minced beef. Want to take your guests on a culinary adventure further east? Try kofta or kefta kebab, skewers with ground beef and lamb, spiced with parsley, onion, garlic and warm middle-eastern spices that will take your guests’ taste buds on a journey. 

Slow roasted ribs

There’s little that can beat the intensely delicious aroma and taste of spare or baby back ribs grilled on the rotisserie. With your spice rub of choice, you will achieve superior flavour each time. Be careful not to drool Homer Simpson style as the ribs slowly rotate, with self-basting of the juicy meat ready for your next barbecued meal.

Letting your meal spin while relaxing with friends and family

There’s no need to split your time between the kitchen and outdoor space when you have a rotisserie for Weber barbecuing. You’ll be the host with the most, entertaining your guests and serving up the tastiest mix of barbecued treats fresh from the grill.

Weber rotisseries – frequently asked questions

Calling on a wealth of experience and knowledge, we give in-depth answers to your questions about the Weber rotisseries.

What to cook on a Weber rotisserie?

The rotisserie opens up a world of cooking options, including but not limited to the slow-roasting of succulent chicken. You’ll be amazed by the superior flavour and texture of rotisserie-cooked prime ribs. There’s also the WEBER CRAFTED Gourmet Barbecue System, complete with a Weber rotisserie basket that can be used in the cooking of everything from tender veggies to popcorn.

See the other foods that you can grill on a rotisserie:

  • Legs of lamb
  • Turkey
  • Duck
  • Pork loin
  • Roast beef

Why not sign up for one of the Weber Grill Academy courses and discover the full range of rotisserie cooking options?

How to install a Weber rotisserie?

First things first - make sure that you have the essential barbecue tools for rotisserie cooking. Apart from a Weber barbecue with rotisserie attachment, you’ll also need a pair of heat-proof gloves. Your mouth-watering concoction should be trussed down with some twine.

You’ll want to give your rotisserie a quick trial run, ensuring that the food remains secure, before you switch on the grill. A drip pan should also be positioned directly underneath the rotisserie for the capture of warm meaty juices, that you certainly do not want to waste.

The installation process should continue with the attachment of the stainless-steel mounting bracket to the grill body, using any nuts and bolts supplied. A counterbalance may also be added to the rotisserie handle for reduced stress on the motor.

How do I prepare the perfect rotisserie chicken?

The first step in the preparation of a rotisserie chicken will be to add a thin coating of olive oil or butter. You should then apply your preferred seasoning, with chopped garlic and cayenne pepper being our recommended choices.

The chicken will need to be trussed, so that it stays securely attached to the rotisserie. This will mean tying up the bird so that the juices are locked into your tight bundle of barbecuing joy. Once your chicken is tightly bound you can slide the rotisserie rod through the centre, with the twines being applied at each end.

Your grill should be preheated to a temperature of around 350 to 375 degrees Celsius before attaching the rotisserie. 45 minutes of grilling will probably be required for the centre of the chicken to be at the ideal temperature of 165 degrees Celsius. However, the perfect cooking time will vary depending on the type of barbecue that you’re using.

Find the right rotisserie for your Weber barbecue

No matter your model of Weber barbecue, you can be sure of finding the right rotisserie in our online store. We have been continuing to drive innovation in the world of barbecuing since 1952, so you can rely on our experience for high-quality products. With deliveries being made in 7-9 days, it won’t be long before you’re delighting your guests with a slow-cooked feast.