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Weber briquettes

The perfect cooking temperature in six steps How to use Weber’s new briquettes

The new Weber briquettes are tailored to the needs of BBQ lovers. After all, it was their feedback that prompted the development of the briquette innovation. They are ready to cook in just 20 minutes and provide even heat for up to three hours. Here’s the best way to set up the perfect BBQ:

Step 1: Use the Chimney Starter

Simply add the desired amount of briquettes to the Weber Chimney Starter. You will need approx. 2kg for a 57cm kettle barbecue. This is equivalent to a large Weber Chimney Starter. Thanks to the chimney effect produced, the briquettes heat up quickly, safely and evenly. Another benefit is that there is less smoke than with other lighting methods.

Step 2: Use lighter cubes instead of lighter fluid

Always use lighter cubes to light the briquettes in the Weber Chimney Starter (see expert tip). Place three lighter cubes on the coal grate and light them. Next, place the full Chimney Starter on top and set the metal handle of the Chimney Starter on the edge of the barbecue.

Expert tip: Lighter cubes are a safe alternative to lighter fluid, they are odour-free and do not affect the taste of the food.

Step 3: Ready to cook in 20 minutes

A full Weber Chimney Starter provides ready-to-cook briquettes in just 20 minutes. You should be able to see flames at the top of the Chimney Starter when the briquettes are ready to use.

Expert tip: The briquettes are also designed to be easily topped up if required. Simply place the new briquettes on the remaining red-hot ones and allow them to heat up with the lid open.

Step 4: Carefully transfer the coals

After around 20 minutes, the briquettes can be carefully transferred to the barbecue. It is a good idea to spread the contents of the Chimney Starter evenly over two charcoal baskets or over the charcoal grate. For example, first place a quarter of the briquettes in the left basket, then a quarter in the right basket. Repeat this procedure with the remaining briquettes until the Chimney Starter is empty. This ensures perfect heat distribution.

Step 5: Perfect cooking heat for up to three hours

You’re ready to start your BBQ! The briquettes will be red hot for up to three hours - perfect for cooking juicy steaks, vegetables or even a whole roast. Place the desired food on the cooking grate, close the lid, wait and enjoy the perfect results.

Expert tip: For optimal air circulation and perfect barbecue results, the vents on the lid and bowl should be fully open.

Step 6: Disposing of the ash

After the BBQ is before the BBQ! To quickly get the barbecue ready for action again, allow the briquettes to cool fully, e.g. overnight. Do this by closing the vents on the lid and bowl. Once the ash has fully cooled, it can be conveniently disposed of in your compost bin.

Expert tip: Disposing of ash is extra easy with the Weber One-Touch system. Simply move the slider back and forth and the ash will fall into the ash pan located below the base.