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Portable Barbecues

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Portable Barbecues

Take your bbq on the road with a high performance portable barbecue from Weber, and enjoy the taste of delicious grilled food outside the home. Our high performance gas, electric and charcoal portable grills will deliver the same delicious flavours that you love, wherever you travel.

Take your barbecue to your garden and the whole world

Whether you want to grill a honey-glazed pork skewer in the garden or a freshly caught salmon at the campsite, our portable bbq grills are just as capable as their larger cousins. Small enough to travel with you, yet big enough to cook your favourite meals, our portable grills are just as great at home as whilst hiking a wilderness trail.

The best Weber BBQ grill for camping

After a day of adventures, relax and savour the rich aromas of a gently seared steak or sizzling sausages, grilled on our Go-Anywhere & Smokey Joe portable barbecues. With their light weight, carrying handles, lockable lids and stands suitable for ground or tabletop barbecuing, cooking on the go has never been easier. Whether you are after the convenience and speed of a versatile portable gas grill or an electric grill for camping, you can easily prepare a delicious meal. Or perhaps you would like to add a rich, smoky flavour with our portable charcoal bbqs?

Take your portable BBQ to the park

If you fancy a picnic in the park with the family, or lying on the beach on a hazy day, scoop up one of our portable travel bbqs and enjoy deliciously grilled food no matter your plans. Our superb range of lightweight small and large portable barbecues, such as the sleek, new Weber Traveler, are ideal for those lazy afternoons. Play a few games, chat with friends or family and relax, as a Weber bbq grills food fit for a perfect day. All our stainless-steel portable barbecues share the same goal – to allow you to grill on the go.

The right Weber portable grill series for you

With over 40 offices worldwide, Weber is passionate about delivering an innovative range of products drawn from a wealth of experience in the field. We have been designing bbqs since 1952, and we understand what makes a grill a success. Are you looking for a portable gas or electric grill for those camping weekends? Or a lightweight mini portable bbq for a hike? Weber has a portable bbq and bbq accessories for you. Find out more, here:

Go big, go small, Go-Anywhere

With our small gas and charcoal model, the Go-Anywhere portable barbecue, you can experience cooking in the wild, just like our ancestors. This space-saving model is packed with features including

  • vent-control for heat and moisture balance,
  • smart folding legs that also lock the lid in place when not in use, and
  • a high quality porcelain-enamelled body.

Smokey Joe – for smoked taste lovers

Call a few friends, grab the Smokey Joe portable barbecue and hit the road. Whether you relax on the beach, at a festival or on a patio, you can sit back and enjoy the sound of the sizzling food as the wonderfully rich and smoky aroma of the charcoal adds flavours you cannot find anywhere else. The compact size, carrying handle and stable feet complete this superb steel and porcelain-enamel portable charcoal bbq.

Homemade quality food with the Traveler Series

Launched in 2021, the Weber Traveler is a brand new portable folding gas bbq and stand. This lightweight, easy to transport and compact model is ideal for camping, parks and beaches. This is one of the best portable barbecues on the market, offering

  • a generous cooking surface,
  • a folding steel body,
  • an automatic lid lock,
  • a side table and
  • a powerful single stainless-steel burner, as capable as a 2- and 3-burner bbq model. The controls enable you to add a perfect sear or gently heat some tasty pancakes for the family to enjoy.

Portable barbecue – Frequently asked questions

Wondering about how to transport or clean the bbq? Or how to use a portable grill to its full potential? Our FAQ can help.

How do you use your portable grill best?

  • Pick a flat, non-flammable space with plenty of ventilation and away from possible problems such as tall grasses, tents and tablecloths.
  • Only grill in permitted areas.
  • Don’t be afraid to be more ambitious with dishes. Sausages and burgers are great, but your family and friends will really appreciate a honey glazed chicken or a marinated pork skewer!
  • Always remember to tidy up when you finish.
  • For starting a charcoal bbq, a Weber Portable Chimney Starter is a fantastic lighter.

How do you clean your portable BBQ for long-lasting usage?

A clean bbq lasts.

  • When your portable bbq is cold to touch, you can start to clean it.
  • Wipe the surfaces with a cloth and a suitable porcelain or steel spray.
  • Plastic parts can be cleaned with a mild detergent.
  • Remove the grates and clean the cook box thoroughly.
  • Brush away grease and debris, before rinsing in water.
  • Allow to dry before reassembling.

What is the best way to transport a portable barbecue?

Before travelling, always disconnect and store any gas canisters safely, and keep charcoal in a sealed container to avoid spills. Protect the portable bbq with one of our tailored covers. These will help protect your model while travelling. Place the grill on a stable surface in the vehicle and make sure it cannot tip over.

Enchant your taste buds – Buy a portable BBQ from Weber now

The open road calls, and our Traveler, Go-Anywhere or Smokey-Joe  will help grill delicious meals, on the go. Order today and we will deliver within 7-9 days within the United Kingdom, except British Overseas Territories, Gibraltar, and British Forces Post Offices. Free return for recalls and voluntary returns.