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Barbecue the Weber way

The 3 key principles of the Weber Way of barbecuing are:


Weber barbecues are designed for lid on cooking. This not only controls the temperature but also ensures smoke circulates inside the grill and infuses into your food, enhancing that barbecue flavour. In addition, keeping the lid shut, means your food is juicer, and it cooks faster saving you time and fuel.


The direct cooking method is when food is placed directly over the heat. This method is ideal for dishes that take less than 15 minutes to cook or that need a nice sear, such as steaks and burgers.

The indirect cooking method is where food is not placed directly over the heat.The food will cook "indirectly" through the heat circulating inside the barbecue. The indirect cooking method is ideal for foods that take longer than 30 minutes to cook, such as a roast.

The 50/50 cooking method uses a combination of direct and indirect cooking; this method can be used for food that takes between 15-30 minutes such as thicker cuts of steak & sausages.

See here for more information on cooking methods.


Rather than cooking for a specific amount of time or cutting into your meat to check that it's done, use a meat thermometer. It is the most accurate way to tell if your food is cooked. Not only does this prevent you from under cooking your food, it also stops you from over cooking it. Meaning you can serve perfectly barbecued food every time.

To see a detailed list of core temperatures for different types of food, visit here