Tips For Your 4th Of July Grilling Menu

Celebrating the 4th of July is synonymous with grilling. If you’re hosting a barbecue and looking for a new spin on some fan favorites, take a look at this video. From a special burger to a unique grilled treat, we’re here to inspire you to create a celebratory meal this holiday!  

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William J

This is kinda dumb, I realize, but I wish he would have demonstrated using the burger press. Do you ball up the beef and place it on the black base before pressing the clear lid down on top of it, or what? Also, isn't the press supposed to leave a "thumb dent" in the pressed burger patty? Here he put his own thumb dent in the burger before grilling. Otherwise, all looks good for the 4th; right near the top of my favorite holidays for grilled food and fun as well.


Kevin Kolman

Hi William,

Great question. I usually take about a small handful of meat and place it in the middle of the base. Then, I put the top on and press down. The lid does place a thumb print in the middle, but I like to make it a little bigger which helps the burger cook faster. I hope this helps. Have a great 4th of July!

Happy Grilling!


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