The Perfect Gift: Prime Rib

The Perfect Gift: Prime Rib

The holiday season is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about gifts for family and friends.   In my eyes, the most genuine and honest gift you can give someone is an amazing grilled meal.  This is one true and honest way to show them how much you appreciate and love them.

Here are some of the ways to go about doing this:

First, you need the best grill possible to cook your food.  Luckily, Weber grills has you covered.

Next, you need to get the best beef products possible.  This is where I can refer you to one of the best butchers in the USA, if not the world, Lobel’s of New York.  They have been beef experts and masters for over 160 years.  The quality of their products far exceeds anything I have ever had before, and their service, attention to detail, and beef are second to none.  

Lobel’s only buys USDA prime beef, which accounts for less than 2% of all beef. On top of that, they pay a high premium for the best of the prime category. The quality is the absolute best top tiered prime beef you can buy. 

Now, with the right grill and the right beef, it’s time to season the meat and get the right instructions on how to grill the particular cut for that day. 

Here are my top 5 tips for seasoning the prime rib roast:

  1. Salt, pepper, and granulated garlic are all you need. One part salt, two parts pepper, and two parts granulated garlic.
  2. For an extra flavor boost, try fresh herbs or Herb de Provence to really bring out the flavor of the outside crust.
  3. Score the beef and add whole peeled garlic cloves.
  4. Use charcoal for a nice added flavor to the roast.
  5. Add a small amount of wood chips for nice subtle smoke flavor.

All of these will provide an amazing crust and flavor to the roast that everyone will enjoy. You can guarantee they will be grateful that you invited them to your holiday feast once they try a bite. Just remember, once they have this prime rib, they’ll be coming back over for years to come!

Grilling Instructions and tips:
1. Grill over indirect heat, roasting at 325-350 degrees.

2. If you have a rotisserie burner, use that for 10-15 minutes for beautiful browning.

3. Always place a drip pan under the roast.

4. Keep the lid down and the heat inside, especially if it’s cold.

5. Aim for 15-18 minutes per pound, so set a timer.

6. Check the internal temperature of the roast half way through to stay on track.

7. Internal temperatures for a finished roast should be around 130-135 for medium rare. However, understand that while resting, it will raise another 5-10 degrees in temperature.

8.  Let it rest for 20-30 percent of the whole cooking time.

9. The Grill Master's cut is always the encrusted ends.

10. Enjoy!

When all of these things come together, legendary grilled meals are made!

With all that said, let us give a gift to you.   We know you have the Weber grill so let Lobel’s take care of the meat.  You have a chance win a Lobel’s 14lb prime rib roast for this holiday season. Seriously, let me say it again, Lobel’s is giving away a 14lb prime rib roast.  This is something your friends and family would love to have on their plate this year!

Tell us why you should win by commenting below. We will randomly select 1 winner on Wednesday, December 3rd  at 9:30am ct. Terms and conditionsThe sweepstakes is now closed. 

Congratulations to our lucky winner! Wayne T. : I grew up eating delicious grilled food cooked on classic weber grills. I'll never forget watching dad light up the charcoal and patiently wait for his smoky, juicy, creation to be grilled to perfection. When I turned 18 I purchased my very own weber and was determined to make my dad proud and cook up some great memories.

My dad is known for his steaks. I'm known for my chops. I've been trying new things on the grill recently, grilled some amazing salmon and had the whole family bragging about it for weeks. I'd love to give prime rib a shot! I'm currently cooking on my weber platinum performer. My wife got me this grill a year ago and it's been amazing.

A great product, a classic product with a modern touch.Good luck to all who are entering for a chance to win this gorgeous chunk of meat! Thank you weber for the memories! 


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Teresa S

How long would you cook a 20 pound rib roast? 6 hours?


Kevin Kolman

Grate questions. Depends on what temperature you are cooking at. I usually look for 300-325 and that is about 15-18 minutes per pound, about 5:30-6 hours. If you go up to 350-400 it would be about 11-13 minutes per pound it will be about 4-4:30 hours. Good luck and if you have any other questions you can find us here or on Facebook and Twitter at Kevin Kolman's backyard and always Grill On!!


Robert S

I have owned Webers for over 40 years and was always amazed with the early recipes and the details that went with them! This recipe for prime rib was totally lacking in content. I would say it was more spin than knowledge. I guess it is only to be expected. The grills themselves are becoming lighter in construction as the prices go up. What's next China or is that already here?


Kevin Kolman

Hi Robert! Sorry to hear you weren’t happy with this post but luckily we have lots of other great recipes for Prime Rib on the website. Check these out and happy grilling!


Rodrigo C

A lot of recipes from reliable chefs recommend salting the prime rib and wrapping it in plastic for 6 to 48(!) hours before cooking as this would cause the whole piece to be "evenly" salted. What are your thoughts on this technique? I'm wondering whether to combine that with one of your recipes. Thanks!!


Kevin Kolman

The beauty of BBQ is that there are a lot of different ways to do any one thing! I don't usually use this method but if you try it please let us know how it works! - Kevin


Brad M

I am Still a Beginner at grilling but ever since I got my 310 this summer it has been a pure joy for cooking a lot more on the grill , not just burgers and hot dogs.


Brad M

I am Still a Beginner at grilling but ever since i got my 310 this summer it has been a pure joy for cooking a lot more on the grill not just burgers and hot dogs.


Dave S

I would a little high direct sear and indirect low and slow on my Weber Charcoal grill.


Michael C

Prime Rib has been a New Years Eve tradition for 15 + years now but I have never been the cook. I would love to kill it this year being that we're having it at my house in the new kitchen. "She" who will remain nameless can cook everything else while I cook the meat on the Genesis.


Wendy G

oh that looks great !!!!


Richard P

I see making this in my near future


Roger B

LQQKS YUMMMMMMMMY!!!!!! Now I am Hungry.


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