Keep That Lid Closed!

Keep That Lid Closed!

During winter in the Chicagoland area there is one tip that will keep you grilling without issues...keep the lid on your grill closed as much as possible! 

With the temperatures so cold, the more we open the lid, the longer our food takes to cook. Most proteins are 70-75 percent water, the longer the protein is on the grill the greater the chance it has of drying out.  

Keeping the lid on your grill closed as much as possible not only keeps the heat inside, but also helps cook our foods faster which will result in a more moist and tender meal that everyone will love! 

Next time you grill, do yourself a favor - preheat your grill, use a timer and keep a lid on it!

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Greg K

Hello Kevin!

You're THE man. Enjoy the blog and the info you present. Long time Weber Kettle user, just got a new 18" Smokey Mountain Cooker! The past videos and posts of yours has me (1) doing a rub at least 24 hours prior and (2) using foil to "sweat" the meat prior to serving.

Question: How do you "weigh in" on the raging debate between briquet and lump charcoal for the Smokey Mountain?



Kevin Kolman

Thanks for the kind words of appreciation!! We are all very lucky to have Webers to grill on which makes us all Grill Masters in the backyard. I weigh in this way. For people just getting into smoking I love advising them to use briquettes because they burn more consistent and provide an easier experience. My feeling is they allow you more time to focus on the process and less time on adjustments of your WSM. Also, when using lump it can be challenging because many of the pieces will fall through the charcoal grate which leaves you having two fires fighting themselves. One tip I can give is, if you use lump buy another charcoal grate and turn it perpendicular to the one already in the unit. This will help keep all the lump on the grate. Not much of a debate, each fuel works well it is just your personal preference. Hope this helps, if you need last minute advice you can always find me on Facebook and Twitter at Kevin’s Backyard. And always Happy Grilling!


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