How To Grill In The Winter

How To Grill In The Winter

Wait! Don’t Put that Grill Away Yet...

Admittedly, not everyone’s winter is frozen slush and snowdrifts, but here in the Midwest it is the one constant in our lives. Since we believe grilling is a year-round sport, here are a few tips to recreate the smell and sounds of summer long before it heats up:

  • Warm or cold it still gets dark early in the winter. Take a few minutes to prep your food during the week to save time, or use a flashlight or a light that fits on the handle of the grill.
  • Stage your area. Brush the snow or ice off the grill and side shelves. Shovel a wide path to your grill and throw some salt down if necessary. Carrying food and slipping on ice are prohibited.
  • Hopefully you have stored the grill accessories in the house so you don’t have to drill through the snow to find them.
  • Take a minute to tuck your scarf or other accessories into your coat so they won’t dangle over the grill enticing flames to catch you on fire.
  • Snow gloves are not barbecue gloves. Make sure you have on heat-resistant gloves when operating your grill.
  • Use a timer and lift the lid as little as possible. Opening the lid to check on food extends cooking time as the grill loses heat quickly.
  • Make sure you have fresh dry charcoal in reserve, or a full tank of LP gas.

Then heat some milk on the sideburner for hot chocolate and you’re ready to go. Stay warm!

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Sarah J

Is it possible to grill using my Weber 2400 electric grill during the winter?


Kevin Kolman

Yes you can use your grill all year long. We test them in any and all environments!! Keep grilling and if you need more info you can find is here or on Facebook and Twitter at Kevin Kolman's backyard and always Happy Grilling!


nick d

Kevin, I solved the problems of winter grilling. It cost me $2200, but it was worth it. I had a shed built and with the door oriented to southeast. So now when the elements are less than ideal, I stick the grill just inside the door and put a box fan in the window to vent the smoke and it works every time.
I've been using Weber charcoal grills year round since 1971.
I have 6 now and plan to sell 2 of them and buy a new Master Touch. I also have a 3 burner Genesis grill.
You can not beat the grills for quality and for my kettles, the portability and versatility. It's Christmas and a turkey and rib roast aregoing on shortly. Thanks for your input



Kevin Kolman

Nick, sounds like a serious solution but one I definitely appreciate. Just make sure you are keeping things safe in your backyard. I love the new Master Touch, especially because it is taller an loaded with features. Keep up all the grate work and I look forward to hearing about your new grilling adventures on your new Weber Master Touch!! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and always Happy Grilling!!


Chris L

Hi Kevin, I see from the blog picture that the grill did not have a cover on it before the snow came in. What is your opinion on the necessity of using a grill cover to keep Genesis gas grills dry during rain and snow? Am I risking premature rust if I don't use one, or do you think it's only needed for torrential downpours (or not at all)?


Kevin Kolman

Hi StoopidMonkey81,

Very good eye you have! Many proud Weber owners use our covers for their grills. One major advantage of using a cover is that it protects the grill from the elements, thus helping keep it clean all year. If you don't cover your grill, it will take you a little longer to clean up and you will have to use a little more elbow grease to get the grill back to its original shine. It would be hard to say you are if you are risking premature rust, because if you are cleaning and maintaining your grill properly, rust should not be an issue. I like using covers because I then spend less time cleaning my grill in between use. In the end, it is up to you and how much time you have for cleaning and maintaining your grill. Hope this helps.

Happy Grilling!


Bill H

Hey Kevin,

I live in Idaho where the weather changes from minute to minute. Rain, snow, slush, high winds and beautiful sunshine all in the same day. I can't say that there has ever been a time that wasn't just right for cookin on my Weber 22.5" charcoal grill. Heck just prop up a couple pieces of plywood for a wind break, add a couple extra brickets, close up the vents a little and light em up. All year, everyday, any day no matter the weather is a great day for grillin. My neighbors think I am a little weird until they get the smell of great smokin and grillin coming thru their windows and doors. Too bad for them, I didn't shovel a path thru the snow for them to get here! LOL! Take care.

Always ready to BBQ!!!!!



Kevin Kolman

Hi Bill,

Thanks for sharing and it's always great to hear from another all weather BBQ'er. Stories like yours help to inspire me, so thank you. Sounds like I need a road trip to Idaho just make sure you shovel a path for me. My neighbors are very similar to yours. They always know something is going on when the smell of BBQ hits the air. The part I enjoy the most is when the smell hits the neighborhood, I seem to get more and more traffic in front of my house, which I am sure you can appreciate. Keep up all the great work.

Happy Grilling!


Brian V

Kevin, I love my Weber grill. I will never buy any other. I live in the south and don't have the brutal winter conditions you guys in the north have. I just started smoking on my Weber gas grill and the problem I'm having is that I want to smoke the first 2 hours at a low temp of 150-175 degrees. My grill will not heat lower than 200-220 degrees. I have to prop open the cover to keep the grill surface at a low temperature. After 2 hours I then finish smoking at 300 degrees. Is there an adjustable regulator that will work in my Weber grill?

Your insight is greatly appreciated.



Kevin Kolman


This is a great question. The infinite control knobs on your grill are what regulate the temperature inside. If you are looking for lower temperatures, the best way to achieve this is to use a water pan placed directly over the burner on top of the flavorizer bars. Check out my blog video with instructions on how to smoke on a gas grill in depth here:

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Happy Grilling!
- Kevin


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