Barrel Bar-B-Que

Barrel Bar-B-Que

This was another attempt at a novelty grill designed to appeal to people who wanted to prepare barbecued food and serve it to their guests sitting at a bar-height serving area.  It sounded like a good idea and the Barrel Bar-B-Que received a lot of attention from the press in 1972. 

Unfortunately, you could not move this grill easily and certainly not during the grilling process.  If your dinner guests were sitting down wind from the grill, the smoke from steaks or hamburgers could bring tears to their eyes. 

The Barrel Barbecue had a short life, you could even say it was an idea that went up in smoke. 

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Paul B

I see several issues with this, smoke being the least of them.
How do you tell the cook at a barbecue? He's the sweaty one. Grills are hot, real hot, now all your guests are just as sweaty.
There's also my "Theory of Proximity Expertise":The closer to the grill your friends get, the more of an expert they become.
Who wants 6 or more hot,sweaty,hungry,intoxicated grill experts this close to you while your trying to cook!
No thanks!


William G

Like they idea, make it so the top rotates on the barrel to get around the smoke problem


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