5 Tips For Grilling In The Cold

5 Tips For Grilling In The Cold

Test your inner Grill Master by bringing barbecue into the winter.

Keep your grill, and the pathway to it, free of snow. Perform all grill maintenance to ensure safe and easy grilling sessions.

Set yourself up for success by prepping your food indoors before grilling to save time spent outside in the cold. Keep tools and a warm plate handy, just inside the door nearest to your grill.

Allow extra time for your grill to get up to temperature (pre-heat to 500 ̊F).

Each time you open the lid, it adds 5 to 7 minutes. “Lookin’ ain’t cookin’!”

Let your food rest after bringing it indoors. Make sure your grill and fuel source are off. Close all vents on charcoal models. 

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John C

Use tongs or gloves to place plate upside down on food a few seconds before bringing it inside. Carry inside with gloves or tongs. A cold plate will cool your food quickly.


Heather Herriges

Hi John! Great suggestions for making sure that the food stays warm! Thanks for being a 365 griller! Happy holidays!


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