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Great design never tasted so good.

Performance, Taste, Smart Technology.

The new blacked-out SMOKEFIRE wood pellet grills STEALTH Edition, 2022 Red Dot award winners in the category product design

The best all-in-one pellet barbecue with next-level style and features

Our 2022 SMOKEFIRE, STEALTH Edition barbecue, is meticulously designed to create a pellet grilling experience like no other, delivering exceptionally delicious wood-fired flavour to every meal.

The Difference is in the Detail

The Proof is in the Engineering

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Smoke, sear & everything in-between

The SMOKEFIRE barbecue’s unrivalled 95°-315°C degree temperature range makes it an authentic all-in-one barbecue, perfect for beautifully seared steak and low-and-slow smoking.

A high-tech way to barbecue

Integrated WEBER CONNECT smart technology guarantees that food comes out perfectly, no matter what’s on the menu – with real-time food monitoring, as well as flip and serve notifications that tell you when it’s the ideal temperature to serve.

Connect 50

Make food you never thought possible

Turn your SMOKEFIRE barbecue into a stir-fry station, pizza oven, rotisserie and more, with the new WEBER CRAFTED Gourmet BBQ System.

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Authentic wood-fired taste

SmokeFire all-natural hardwood pellets are thoughtfully crafted for the best tasting BBQ.

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Wood kissed flavour

Designed to enhance the flavour of your food with no fillers, just authentic wood-fired taste.

  • Pairs well with beef, pork, chicken and other BBQ dishes. 
  • Certified carbon neutral
  • Made with responsibly-sourced, FSC®️ certified wood
  • 8 KG, easy-pour box


"SmokeFire is a fantastic BBQ and it is going to be grilling some of the the best BBQ food that you have ever tasted. This pellet grill is a barbecue that has the most amazing ability to give flavor to the food. Wood flavor is emulating the taste of cooking over beautiful seasoned logs but in a very controlled and precise way thanks to the integrated Weber Connect technology."