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Weber Charcoal Direct Heat 384X225

Direct heat for searing

Perfect for fast-cooking meals: beautiful steaks, vegetables, burgers, prawns, and other flat dishes and small bites.

Weber Charcoal Set Indirect Heat 384X225

Indirect heat for cooking

Perfect for foods that need to cook a while: whole chicken, leg of lamb, roast beef, as well as for bread and cake baking.

Weber Charcoal Low And Heat 384X225

Discover Charcoal Barbecues

The best to grill classic barbecue that melts in your mouth: BBQ ribs, brisket, pulled pork, whole poultry.



Nothing beats the smoky barbecue flavour that can only be created on a charcoal grill


Nothing beats the smoky flavor made possible by a quality charcoal barbecue. From portable smokers to the versatile Kamado Series - there is a barbecue for everyone

The Story of the Legend

It's the lid that allows you to flexibly control the level of heat inside a grill, and in 1952 this solution was invented by barbecue enthusiast George Stephen. With the goal of getting the same delicious food regardless the weather, he created the first spherical grill...from a buoy.

George started in a metalworking plant, and right there he sawed a buoy in two halves. After that, he added legs and ventilation holes, and when he tested the device in practice, he realised that this was a breakthrough. Later George became the founder of the Weber company, and a few years later introduced the world to the first gas barbecues. Today, Weber is one of the world´s most renowned barbecue brands, offering charcoal, gas, pellet and electric grills, as well as fuel and accessories.